Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab

Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab


PhD student and test person in the lab, test person wearing a cap with sensors.

The Lab houses modern equipment for experimental research in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. In addition to a collection of developmental and neuropsychological assessment tools, the Lab manages:

Behavioural testing facilities — Visual and auditory psychophysics equipment, as well as equipment for collecting spontaneous and elicited verbal responses, reaction times, forced-choice data, non-nutritive sucking rates in infants, and other on-line and off-line behavioural measures.

Eye tracking — An SR Research EyeLink 1000 Plus 2000 Hz video-based eye tracker, a Tobii Pro Spectrum 1200 Hz eye tracker (2019), and a Tobii Pro X3-120 eye tracker (2019).

Electrophysiology — A Brain Products BrainAmp standard 64-channel EEG system with active electrodes (2014) and a Brain Products LiveAmp 32-channel EEG system (2019).

Functional imaging — An ISS Imagent V2 fNIRS system with 40 optical channels (2019).

Motion tracking — A Polhemus Fastrak 120 Hz tracker with standard sensors (2019).

Robotics — A Furhat social robot with SDK suite (2020).

Computing — Access to NTNU’s high-performance computing clusters for data analysis and simulation.

The Lab is available for loan pending administrative procedures regulating prices and payment.