Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab

Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab


PhD student and test person in the lab, test person wearing a cap with sensors.

We supervise theses in the MPHFENGMENG and MLSPRÅK programmes and dissertations in the PhD programme in Language and Linguistics. The Lab contributed to securing funding and organising courses, seminars and training events for the Norwegian Graduate Researcher School in Linguistics and Philology.

Supervision capacity

The Lab offers supervision of thesis and dissertation projects in the areas below. Joint supervision is often arranged between the Lab’s Principal Investigators and collaborators at NTNU, in Norway and abroad.

Language acquisition

First and second language acquisition, bilingualism, language across the lifespan
Language and developmental disorders: autism, developmental language disorders
Literacy, reading acquisition, dyslexia, reading disorders on the autism spectrum
Figurative language comprehension in typical and atypical development
Computer games in language learning, digital formats in reading

Language processing

Semantic processing, logic and grammar: quantifiers, plurals, modality, tense, aspect
Semantic and pragmatic aspects of reference: proper names, natural kind terms
Meaning-grammar relations and parallelism in the architecture of language
Compositionality and meaning composition across syntactic structures
Computational models of lexical and compositional semantics

Completed dissertations

Cabo, Sara Ramos, Gesture and language in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A study of pointing patterns and language predictors in typical and atypical development | NTNU 2021

Bochyńska, Agata E., Spatial language and spatial representation in high-functioning individuals with autism: An experimental study of the linguistic and non-linguistic spatial abilities in the presence of a developmental deficit | NTNU 2018

Micai, Martina, Reading comprehension mechanisms in autism spectrum disorder: Metacognitive processes and executive function | NTNU/University of Seville 2018

Chahboun, Sobh, Figurative language processing: A comparative study between typically developing individuals and highly verbal individuals with autism | NTNU 2017

Listhaug, Kjersti Faldet, Spatial prepositions and second language acquisition: The acquisition of spatial prepositions in French by native speakers of Norwegian | NTNU 2015

Farukh, Ammara, Dyslexia and learning English as a second language: An experimental study | NTNU 2015

Dahl, Anne, Young second language learners: The acquisition of English in Norwegian first-grade classrooms | NTNU 2014

Dekova, Rositsa, Lexical encoding of verbs in English and Bulgarian | NTNU 2006

Completed theses

 Bjertnes, Hanna Valø, Emojis and meaning: An experimental study of the semantics of sentence-final face emojis | NTNU 2022

Løvlie, Jørgen Aamot, Speaker reactions to grammatical errors as a result from cross linguistic influence | NTNU 2022

Foss, Brooke, Object labeling and categorization: Noun acquisition in children | NTNU 2021

Hafstad, Camilla, Electrophysiological correlates of adjective-noun combinations: On-line effects of composition and privativity | NTNU 2021

Kibsgaard, Martine Karin Marie, The processing of grammar violations in minimal phrase structures: An ERP study | NTNU 2021

Sinkeviciute, Akvile, Is bilinguals' color perception modulated by their active language? The case of Lithuanians in Norway | NTNU 2021

Tangen, Mia, The efficacy of educational apps in second language learning | NTNU 2021

Vinichenko, Anna, Nordmenns reaksjoner på avvik i innlærernorsk: en eye-tracking undersøkelse av effekter av finitt- og tempusavvik på språkprosessering | NTNU 2021

Chau, Luan Tuyen, Eye movements and semantic processing in rapid automatized naming | NTNU 2020

Grytten, Ane Søreide, Reference in sentence processing: An ERP study | NTNU 2020

Lervåg, Ingvild Kjølstad, Role of subtitles in L2 acquisition and comprehension: Evidence from hearing-impaired learners | NTNU 2020

Selbo, Malin Engelin, Spatial language abilities in young adults with English as their Second language | NTNU 2020

Stevenson, Natalie, Cross-linguistic variation and second language acquisition of human locomotion lexicalization patterns in French and Norwegian | NTNU 2020

Dietrichson, Martine Henriette Hartmann, Andrespråkstilegnelse av spatiale uttrykk | NTNU 2019

Saxlund, Ellen, ‘Make Monkey hide!’ — A descriptive account of the NRDLS and the Norwegian adaptation | NTNU 2019

Williams, Stefan, U-shaped trajectories in L2 learning: Testing the dual processing hypothesis — An experimental study of Norwegian L2 learners of English | NTNU 2019

Calinescu, Lia, The online processing of Norwegian intensional verbs: An ERP study | NTNU 2018

Crawshaw, Camilla Emma, The critical role of language in Theory of Mind development, viewed through the lens of autism and parallel deficits across other atypical populations | NTNU 2018

Giskes, Anna, The on-line processing of epistemic modal verbs during language comprehension: An ERP study | NTNU 2018

Sinnadurai, Sharmyn Lim, Phonological awareness in young bilingual dyslexics in Malaysia | NTNU 2018

Snøfugl, Monica, Hva vet vi virker? En studie om barn med Developmental Language Disorder | NTNU 2018

Antonsen, Lena Langdal, Flerspråklig utredning — En litteraturstudie om utfordringer knyttet til utredning av språk-, lese- og skrivevansker hos flerspråklige elever | NTNU 2017

Dahl, Hege Anita, Hvilke prosedyrer og hvilket kartleggingsmateriell brukes før henvisning til Pedagogisk-psykologisk tjeneste ved tre ulike barneskoler i en norsk bykommune i Midt Norge? | NTNU 2017

Hammerås, Mona Langeng, Probing sensitivity to argument structure in two proficiency level groups - an exploratory study with Norwegian learners of English | NTNU 2017

Islam, Farjana, Logical semantics in a cross-cultural perspective: A study of intuitions about reference in first-generation immigrants and resident populations | NTNU 2017

Lyche, Marianne, Autisme og språk: En narrativ litteraturstudie | NTNU 2017

Nysæter, Lene Marita, Neural predictors of prosody perception in Norwegian: An experimental study | NTNU 2017

Tedeschi, Ilaria, Early language acquisition and development of Italian by a bilingual infant: A comparison to Italian monolinguals | NTNU 2017

Tian, Siyu, The reversed Chinese character recognition and the Chinese language ability | NTNU 2017

Aurland, Anders Hauge, Metalinguistics and exposure as predictors of idiom comprehension in L2 users of English | NTNU 2016

Bergh, Vegard Nygaard, A study of young Norwegians in English idiom processing | NTNU 2016

Christiansen, Marianne, Attentional control, working memory and language aptitude. A correlational study of the relationship between second language proficiency, attentional control and working memory | NTNU 2016

Eye, Henrik, The impact of subtitles in second language acquisition: An experimental study on Norwegian upper secondary students | NTNU 2016

Grønning, Mie Marie, An investigation of Norwegians' L2 knowledge of English verb phrase anaphora patterns | NTNU 2016

Johnsen, Roger, Sensitivity to second language argument structure: An experimental study with Norwegian learners of English | NTNU 2016

Reine, Ander Schärer, L2 speakers’ argument structure sensitivity inferring from the participant’s eye gazes: An eye-tracking experimental study with adult Norwegian learners of English | NTNU 2016

York, Erlend Urkedal, Effects from using subtitled audiovisual material in second language acquisition: An experimental study in a second language learning classroom in Norway | NTNU 2016

Xue, Wenting, The effect of L2 English on L1 Mandarin Chinese from the perspective of complement event coercion: An empirical study of advanced Mandarin Chinese-English adulthood bilinguals | NTNU 2016

Theodorsen, Jørgen Haug, L2 acquisition from video games with minimal exposure | NTNU 2015

Brakstad, Marit Valand, Language development in children at-risk of dyslexia. A study on the oral language of children with weak reading and writing skills | NTNU 2014

Singstad, Rannveig Aleksandra, Norwegian students' comprehension of idioms in English | NTNU 2014

Strand, Odin Lein, Do we have to speak English? A longitudinal perspective on the impact of early English input on the development of English comprehension skills in Norwegian pupils | NTNU 2014

Asbjørnsen, Maria F., Bilingualism. The situation in Norway | NTNU 2013

Aurstad, Lisa Maria Grønn, The role of subtitles in second language acquisition. An experimental study in the context of the Norwegian school system | NTNU 2013

Foyn, Camilla Hellum, The relationships between short-term memory, word decoding skills and language competencies in Norwegian fourth-graders | NTNU 2013

Frugård, Ingrid, Acceptability judgments of English Noun Phrases by Norwegian L1 students | NTNU 2013

Hasselø, Ragnhild M., Different intelligence, same talent: Second language learning: A case study | NTNU 2013

Henden, Åge Kristian, Early lexical and grammar development in Norwegian language acquisition | NTNU 2013

Kuitert, Sander Roland, English loanwords in Norwegian. A loanword processing study in young speakers of Norwegian | NTNU 2013

Kvitnes, Ingrid Elisabeth Nufsfjord, Subtitles in the second language classroom. An experimental study with Norwegian learners of English | NTNU 2013