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Master's Theses

Master's Theses

The completed master's theses conducted in the Lab will be updated here:

Sinnadurai, Sharmyn Lim: Phonological Awareness in Young Bilingual Dyslexics in Malaysia: NTNU 2018

Nysæter, Lene Marita: Neural predictors of prosody perception in Norwegian: An experimental study: NTNU 2017

Hammerås, Mona Langeng: Probing sensitivity to argument structure in two proficiency level groups - an exploratory study with Norwegian learners of English: NTNU, 2017

Asbjørnsen, Maria F.: Bilingualism. The situation in Norway: NTNU, 2013

Aurstad, Lisa Maria Grønn: The Role of Subtitles in Second Language Acquisition. An experimental study in the context of the Norwegian school system: NTNU, 2013

Bergh, Vegard Nygaard: A study of young Norwegians in English Idiom Processing: NTNU, 2016

Brakstad, Marit Valand: Language Development in Children at-risk of Dyslexia. A study on the oral language of children with weak reading and writing skills: NTNU, 2014.

Christiansen, Marianne: Attentional Control, Working Memory and Language Aptitude. A correlational study of the relationship between second language proficiency, attentional control and working memory: NTNU, 2016

Foyn, Camilla Hellum: The Relationships Between Short-Term Memory, Word Decoding Skills and Language Competencies in Norwegian Fourth-Graders: NTNU, 2013

Frugård, Ingrid: Acceptability judgments of English Noun Phrases by Norwegian L1 students: NTNU, 2013

Grønning, Mie Marie: An investigation of Norwegians' L2 knowledge of English verb Phrase Anaphora Patterns: NTNU, 2016.

Henden, Åge Kristian: Early lexical and grammar development in Norwegian language acquisition: NTNU, 2013

Johnsen, Roger: Sensitivity to second language argument structure: An experimental study with Norwegian learners of English: NTNU 2016

Kuitert, Sander Roland: English Loanwords in Norwegian. A Loanword Processing Study in Young Speakers of Norwegian: NTNU, 2013

Kvitnes, Ingrid Elisabeth Nufsfjord: Subtitles in the Second Language Classroom. An experimental study with Norwegian learners of English: NTNU, 2013