Childhood Airway Infections Research Group (CAIR)

Airway infection is the most common cause of morbidity in children all over the world, and mortality below the age of five in low-income countries. We aim to increase knowledge about causes and host immune responses in childhood airway infections.

As a basic framework, we have established a large biobank cohort of children with airway infections. Our projects integrate basic laboratory research and clinical data of patient materials. The long-term perspective is to lower morbidity and mortality from airway infections through development of better prevention and treatment options.

The CAIR-group was established in collaboration between the Children's Department and Department of Medical Microbiology at St. Olavs hospital, and the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children's and Women's Health, NTNU.

Our main research areas:

Selected publications

Malmo, Jostein; Moe, Nina; Krokstad, Sidsel; Ryan, Liv; Loevenich, Simon; Johnsen, Ingvild Bjellmo; Espevik, Terje; Nordbø, Svein Arne; Døllner, Henrik; Anthonsen, Marit Walbye. Cytokine Profiles in Human Metapneumovirus Infected Children: Identification of Genes Involved in the Antiviral Response and Pathogenesis. PLoS ONE 2016 Volume 11(5)

Moe, Nina; Pedersen, Bård; Nordbø, Svein Arne; Skanke, Lars Høsøien; Krokstad, Sidsel; Smyrnaios, Anastasios; Døllner, Henrik. Respiratory Virus Detection and Clinical Diagnosis in Children Attending Day Care. PLoS ONE 2016; Volume 11(7)

Christensen A, Døllner H, Skanke LH, Krokstad S, Moe N, Nordbø SA. Detection of spliced mRNA from human bocavirus 1 in clinical samples from children with respiratory tract infections. Emerg Infect Dis 2013;19 (4):574-580.

Kristoffersen AW, Christiansen A, Nordbø SA, Krokstad S, Rognlien AGW, Døllner H. Coronavirus is associated with respiratory tract infection less frequently than RSV in hospitalized Norwegian children. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2011; 30:279-83.

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