Oppslag i bokmålsordboka - skript

1C Cecilie

1C Cecilie


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- Hallo! Jeg heter Cecilie Hansen Vidal. Jeg er norsk. Er du norsk?

This is Cecilie Hansen Vidal. She has been living in France for many years with her husband, Ben, and their two children. Now they are moving to Fjordvik* in Norway. Her parents live there. Ben is waiting for his family at the airport. He went in advance to find a house for them.

*Fjordvik is a fictional town.


1.3 Verbs

In Norwegian, the tense of the verbs can in general be identified by checking a verb's ending. Most verbs have -r endings in present tense.

There are four different verbs in Chapter 1:

  1. Jeg heter Axel.
  2. Hyggelig å hilse på deg.
  3. Jeg er norsk.
  4. Hvor kommer du fra?

Can you identify the verbs in present tense?