Instructions for course proposals

Instructions for course proposals

Applying for funds

  • All faculty employed at a partner institution can apply to arrange a course on behalf of the graduate school.
  • Course proposals should be first sent to the local representative in the Steering Board, and discussed locally before sending further.
  • Applications can be submitted at any time, but ideally in good time (before August 30 or January 30) before the year it is proposed to run.
  • Applications should at a minimum contain:
  • The director of the graduate school can approve eligible applications for courses to be arranged in Norway, and after circulation, in cases where there is no time to wait for a meeting of the Steering Board.
  • Normally, courses should take place in Norway, given that this is a National School.  However, applications for courses to be arranged abroad are also possible, especially but not exclusively, where there is already a special relationship between another location and a Norwegian University. Courses proposed for outside of Norway should include academic justification for the choice of location.


Before the course

Course credits are awarded by the institution of the course organizer. Make sure that course is registred in FS and students will register to the course in Søknadsweb (contact your administration for how to do this).

Courses should be advertised appropriately in due time both locally and internationally. The Graduate School support should be always acknowledged in the ad. Also, make sure to include information that participants are requested to evaluate the course upon completion.

Contact for advertising on LingPhil website and informing LingPhil affiliated PhD candidates.


During the course

Remember to  conduct student evaluation before the end of the course.


After the course

  • The course organizer will submit a course report and all course evaluation reports by students.
  • In order to transfer the funds granted by LingPhil, please send an email to