Each course will run for 5 days, 1.5 hours each day.

Those participating in the summer school will be required to attend at least 3 of the courses listed above to obtain credit. In addition, there will be obligatory joint sessions on academic writing, elevator pitches and feedback on individual projects. Local LingPhil academic expertise for these sessions will include, in addition to the course teachers, Kristin Rygg, Mila Vulchanova.


Credits awarded - 5 ECTS

(information about registration on Søknadsweb will be provided later)


Course A: NIVEDITA MANI, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany - The Science of Language 

Course B: HOLGER DIESSEL, Universität Jena, Germany - The Grammar Network. How linguistic structure is shaped by language use

Course C: KRISTIAN TÝLEN, Aarhus University, Denmark - Language Evolution in the Laboratory

Course D: PEDRO GUIJARRO-FUENTES, Universitat de les Illes Belears, Spain - Bilingual and Heritage Language Development

Course E: KEPA ERDOZIA, University of the Basque County Spain - Syntax Processing Based on Neurophysiological Measures

Course F: BATIA LAUFER, University of Hafia, Israel - Learning Vocabulary in a Second Language: Proficiency, Acquisition, and Assessment