Instructions for applying for a grant to organize a master class

Instructions for applying for a grant to organize a master class

A Master class is an opportunity for more advanced PhD students to discuss chapter(s)/papers from their thesis with an expert in the field (the Master). Typically, students use this opportunity in the last year of their project in preparation for their thesis completion and defence.

Application process

  • Each partner institution can apply for a grant to organize a Master class for PhD students.
  • Each Master class can at most cost NOK 50 000.
  • Grants will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis within the limits provided by the budget for each year.
  • Please use the Application form.
  • The budget can include travel, accommodation and honorarium of the opponent, and any other cost relating to the Master class (for example a dinner with the opponent, refreshments or lunch during the Master class).
    • The mock opponent will be remunerated according to Norwegian standards (salary scale 74). The honorarium will be the same for all Master classes and will be based on 24 hours of work. Opponent receive NOK 8280 as honorarium.
  • To calculate the total cost of honorarium
    • For Norwegian employees, add 14.1% of the honorarium for Employer tax and 12% for Holiday money (feriepenger).
    • For foreign employees, only add 14.1% of honorarium for Employer tax.
    • Students from partner institutions can apply for a travel grant to attend other Master classes. These grants need not be included in the budget for the Master class.
  • For queries contact:


Before the Master class

Master class should be advertised appropriately in due time. The Graduate School support should be always acknowledged in the ad. Contact for  help for advertising among LingPhil members.


After the Master class, please send and email to in order to transfer the funds granted.