Living Integration:

Living Integration:

At the Crossroads between Official Policies, Public Discourses and Everyday Practices

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Fjord landscape in Trøndelag: houses, hills and mountains surrounding the fjord covered in snow.



This project will explore how the phenomenon and the concept of integration is perceived, practiced and experienced in political, institutional and everyday practices in specific local communities. The primary aim is to generate new knowledge on how all parts of Norwegian society, and not only migrant people, are affected by and take part in the complex processes of integration.

The project has a cultural analytical approach, focussing on narratives and everyday practices regarding access, belonging, equality and participation, as well as difference, exclusion and discrimination. We have a particular focus on asymmetrical structural and symbolic power dimensions of gender, class, sexuality, age and religion. The contribution of this project is thus an exploration of the social and cultural complexities involved when the political aim of integration is implemented in a local community, and embraced, discussed, challenged, disputed and negotiated at various sites and by differently positioned subjects.     



The project is funded by FRIHUMSAM, The Research Council of Norway (2017-2020).

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International network

Ann-Dorte Christensen, Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University, Denmark

Maja Povrzanovic Frykman, Professor, Department of Global Political studies, Malmö University, Sweden

Suvi Keskinen, Appointed Professor, Swedish School of Social Science, Helsinki University, Finland

Maria Kontos, Senior Reseach Associate, institute of Social research, J W Goethe University, Germany