For Exchange students and Degree students

Pre-departure Survival Guide

This guide is intended to help you through the first day or so in Trondheim. Our guidelines will provide details on what you can expect here in Trondheim and practical information that you will need. You should read this guide and the guidelines PRIOR to coming to Trondheim. They will answer your questions and make the transition to life in Trondheim much easier for you. Please feel free to come with comments and suggestions, both to this handbook and the guidelines. Please send them to Have a safe and pleasant journey.

What should I do before arriving in Trondheim?

  • Make sure your passport is valid
  • Obtain the proper visa/residence permit (if necessary)
  • Purchase your ticket for travel to Trondheim
  • Buy some Norwegian kroner so you have some Norwegian money when you arrive. You will need this if you plan on taking buses/taxi. Taxis will accept valid credit cards (Masters, Visa, Diners) 

Where is the housing office and how do I get there?

All students who have been assigned a room in the student village must pick up their keys at the Moholt student village reception. It is located at Frode Rinnans vei 1 . The opening hours are listed on . There are usually extended hours in August. The most up to date information is found on the web pages of the student welfare organization in Trondheim, SiT .

For students arriving in the autumn

All visiting/exchange students from outside Europe (i.e. with residence permit requirements) are guaranteed housing if a room is reserved for a period beginning August 1st. (This means if you are arriving in September/October you still have to pay the rent from August 1st). If you are arriving after August 1st and you choose to reserve a room from the day you plan on arriving, you will be put on a waiting list if a room is not available. Students arriving in July are not affected by this policy and will pay rent from the day they arrive.

Due to the difficult housing situation in the student village we can no longer guarantee housing for all European exchange students. These students will receive additional information on housing with their acceptance letter.

The reason the housing office has this policy is that the demand for housing at the student village is very high during the first months (August/September/October). We sincerely regret any inconvenience this policy might cause you. For more information about housing.

For information on how to get to the student village, SiT and pick up your key, please see: 

When should I arrive?

Plan your arrival on the basis of when your classes will start. You should arrive a bit early to allow yourself time to get to know Trondheim and rest after your journey. If you have not been allocated a room in the student village you should also allow time time to find a place to live. There is an orientation/welcome program before classes start. In the fall (August) it is typically the week before classes start. In the spring it is usually the Thursday and Friday the week before classes begin. Details are available on the academic calendar .

Note: Information about office hours at the student villages and additional practical information about arrival at the student villages may be found on the web site of the student welfare organization, SIT, "Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim":

What should I do after I have settled in?

After settling in at the student village you should come to the Office of International Relations, which is located in a stately house to the west of the Administration (Main) Building (see map information below), at O.S. Bragstads plass 3.

1. Get student ID card

The student ID card serves as a key/access card and a library card. It is only valid with a current semester card.  To get your Student ID card, follow the instructions below.

Exchange Students:

1. In order to get registered at NTNU you will need to log on to the student web using the 11 digit ID number and 4 digit code that has been sent to you and register your address in Trondheim as your semester address.  You can do this before you arrive.

2. You will be given your Semester Card on the registration-day (see Orientation Programme for more info). For exchange students arriving after the Orientation, the Office of International Relations will arrange for your semester card.

3. Go to one of the Student ID offices listed below to get your ID. You'll need to show your semester card and an official ID-document, such as a passport or a driver's license.

International Master's Students and IFUS students:

1. In order to get registered at NTNU you will need to log on to the student web and do a semester registration. Log on to using the 11 digit ID number and 4 digit code that has been sent to you and register your address in Trondheim as your semester address. Please do not register on the student web before you have arrived at your room in Trondheim (If you register before you have settled in the semester card can  easily be  lost in the mail). Please see: Registration of address to the postal service.

After your registration is complete and you have paid the semester fee, a semester card will be sent to the address you have provided. This semester card is essential for identifying your student status this semester.

2. Go to to find the invoice for the semester fee and print it or go to one of the Student services ( All international master's and IFUS students must pay the semester fee, even those not taking any courses.

3. Pay the semester fee at a post office or bank. Make sure that you keep your receipt. Within approximately one week, your semester card will be sent to your address in Trondheim (make sure that you have the correct address listed in studentweb, see below).

4. Go to one of the Student ID offices listed below to get your ID. You'll need to show your semester card and an official ID document, such as a passport or a driver's licence.


  • Gløshaugen Campus: Go to the office called Foto ID on Stripa, vis-à-vis Tapir Storkiosk. Stripa is the long corridor running through both central buildings from the Gamle Kjemi building to the Hangaren cafeteria.
  • Dragvoll Campus: Go to the office called Vaktmesterkontor (janitor-office) in Building no. 6. You will have your picture taken and get your student ID-card. The student ID-card is only valid with a current semester card.

If you are working on a project we will inform your supervisor about your arrival. You will also receive a letter, which you have to show to the police authorities within 7 days after arrival. Please make sure that you have your health insurance confirmation with you (E 111 or similar confirmations). Note: Exchange students from the USA will not have this confirmation. The Alien´s Office is located at the Police Station.

2. Go to the Public Register
If you plan to study in Norway for more than six months you have to register at the Public Register after you have received your residency permit. You should inform them that you are an exchange student. The Public Register is located at Kongen gt. 87. (See map of Trondheim for location. Cick to find the location of the "Hospital Church". The Public Register is in the brick buidling across the street.) 

3. Contact the Erasmus student network (ESN)
In the guidelines you can read more about this student network that is responsible for many social activities. The Office of International Relations (OIR) notifies ESN of your arrival. 

Where is the Office of International Relations (OIR)?

The OIR is located in the International House at O.S. Bragstads plass 3 - the grey building west of the Administration building. (If you are facing the front of the Administration Building, with the fjord behind you, the International House will be on your right. There are two (2) buildings on the right side. The International House is the one furthest west.)

Trondheim's city center . (North is towards the top of the page.) If you look at the area North of the river Nidelva, you will see Kjøpmannsgata, Munkegate, Dronningensgt, Erling Skakkes gate, Nordre gate, Sondre gate, OlavsTryggvasons gate and Fjordgata. ("Gate/gata" in Norwegian means street and is abbreviated gt.) Leutenhavn is located on Erling Skakkes gt. right where the western most large "P" is. (P stands for parking garage.) Royal Garden Hotel is located on the right side (facing North) of Kjøpmanns gt between Olav Tryggvasons gt. and Fjord gt. The Train station is labelled: Trondheim sentralstasjon. Britannia hotel is located on Dronningens gt. between Nordre gt. and Sondre gt. The Student Union (Studentersamfundet) is located at the intersection of Elgester gate and Klostergate. Lerkendal Soccer Stadium is not shown on this map, but is further out on a street parallel to Elgeseter gate.

You will also see NTNU just south of Nidelva. This is the Gloshaugen campus. The Administration (Main) Building is basically where the "N" in NTNU is. The Dragvoll campus and Moholt/Steinan student villages are not shown on this map, but the maps in the Guidelines for Exchange Students show where they are located.

We wish you a safe and pleasant trip to Trondheim.

Students in front of the Main Building looking at a map. Photo.