Ethical Legal and Social Aspects of MARPOL research

In this component of MARPOL, we identify and research issues of philosophical and societal import. ELSA work is pursued in close collaboration with the project's science partners. Through one-to-one interviews, participation in MARPOL group activities and joint reflection, we seek to unpack societal and philosophical aspects of the science and technology developed in MARPOL.

MARPOL is creating knowledge and applications in food, health and sustainability domains. The ELSA research looks closer at how MARPOL research can be robust in a broader societal context. Using conceptual analysis, ethics and social science methods, we aim to identify and articulate tangles in societal, conceptual/methodological and ethical aspects of MARPOL work.  At the same time, we are developing our methodologies for doing philosophy in the lab – going for a direct interaction with our collaborators in academia, research and industry to develop philosophical tools that can be used in domains that matter.

Work Package team:

Dr Sophia Efstathiou (Researcher)

Associate Professor Rune Nydal

Professor Bjørn Myskja (WP Leader)


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