Medical imaging and image-guided treatment

The researchers in the network work in these fields:

Ultrasound for diagnosis of heart disease and cancer:

We focus on developing new ultrasound technology that targets cardiovascular disease and cancer. Doctors and technologists work in close partnership in a unique environment to develop technological solutions suited to the clinical problems. The new methods are used for improving the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, heart failure, and valve failure, as well as for children with congenital heart defects. Some members of the group are working on a new imaging method: SURF imaging.
Ultrasound for diagnosis of heart disease and cancer

Functional MRI of the brain:

We focus on improving our understanding of how the brain works, especially higher cognitive functions such as language and memory. Functional MRI is a method that makes it possible to see which areas of the brain are activated in connection with different tasks, and can be combined with imaging that shows which areas of the cerebral cortex work together.
Functional MRI of the brain

MRI diagnostics for people with cancer:

Our main aim is to improve the diagnosis of cancer so that individual patients each receives the treatment that is best suited to their illness, increasing their chances of recovery. MRI allows us to look at the blood supply and metabolism of the tumour. Combining the various aspects of this information gives us new opportunities for optimizing treatment.
MRI diagnostics for people with cancer

Image-guided treatment – SINTEF Health Research:

Our focus is on developing new image-based methods that make surgery more accurate, more effective, and more patient-friendly. Through close collaboration with surgeons at St. Olavs Hospital, including in the Operating Room of the Future, we develop methods that are used in brain and vascular surgery.
Image-guided treatment – SINTEF Health Research

Molecular imaging - FUGE MIC:

FUGE Molecular Imaging Consortium offers infrastructure for MR imaging and MR spectroscopy in small animals in vivo and ex vivo. In collaboration with other research groups, we perform molecular, functional and anatomical imaging in various disease models.  We have special competence in study design, optimalisation of MR protocols and analysis of MR data.

Medical technology