Massoud Hassanabadi


Massoud Hassanabadi


Permeability, Filtration Efficiency and Wettability of Ceramic Foam Filters Used in Molten Aluminum Filtration

The overall objective of the project is to improve the filtration efficiency of non-metallic inclusions using Ceramic Foam Filters (CFF) for the production of high quality aluminium alloys.

A broad variety of methods exists for improving the metal cleanliness of aluminium. Filtration by the use of CFF is today, however, the most commonly applied filtration technology, and it has been used to filter approx. 50% of the world production of aluminium since the 1990’s. The method is simple, reliable and cost efficient.

The following tasks will be given attention:
1. Measure and model the permeability of alumina based CFF of different suppliers and different grades.
2. Monitor the characteristics of the filtration performance of CFFs by a novel hydraulic system.
3. Study the wettability between liquid aluminium and CFF.

The developed knowledge will help industry to understand and control the filtration process to enhance the inclusion removal efficiency of Ceramic Foam Filers. 

Resource Group: Ragnhild Aune (NTNU), Jan Anders Sæter (Alcoa), Ulf Tundal (Hydro) 



Students at Metal Production

Students at Metal Production


Post Doctorial

Sebastien Letout, RD1
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Nov 2015 - Nov 2017

Heiko Gaertner, RD4
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Massoud Hassanabadi, RD3
Ceramic Foam Filters Used in Molten Al Filtration

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Håkon Olsen, RD4
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