Visitor from Mintek

Visitor from Mintek

Joalet Steenkamp, a chief engineer in the Pyrometallurgy Division at Mintek, is currently visiting the SFI Metal Production Centre as a part of the researcher exchange for the INTPART Metal Production project. She is part of the project management and has a background from both industry and academia within steelmaking, ilmenite roasting and smelting, and manganese ferroalloy production in South Africa. 

During her stay here she will be contributing to a chapter in the book New Trends in Coal Conversion called Coal-based reducing agents in ferroalloys and silicon production along with Merete Tangstad, Eli Ringdalen, and Paul Beukes. She will also work on a publication for INFACON 15 with Eli Ringdalen and they will work on an EU-funding application. 

INTPART Metal Production aims at strengthening ties between Norway and South Africa. The main aim of the researcher exchanges is to work on joint funding applications to ensure collaboration between countries and companies beyond the life of the project, to develop course material for education of future generations, and to write joint publications.

Joalet is staying until September 16th, making her stay about a month long, and this is a type of exchange she intends to continue with every year for the duration of the project.

There have also been other exchanges to our Centre, and you can read more about them on the INTPART Metal Production website, which Joalet manages.