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Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EMLab)

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The Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EMLab) is part of the Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC) and Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine. We work in close collaboration with St. Olavs hospital.

Our mission is to provide high-quality life science electron microscopy services for high resoultion research of cellular structures and molecules. We will provide education, and training for NTNU, academic institutions and private companies at-large. We offer a wide variety of preparation and visualization techniques for biological samples ranging from standard methods to cutting-edge 3D volume SEM.

High-quality Life Science Electron Microscopy

The EMLab houses classical high-resolution transmission electron microscopes (TEM), a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a 3D volume electron microscope. Additionally, the lab is equipped with a full suite of ancillary sample preparation equipment to fit most electron microscope-related needs.

​​​​​​​Our services are available to anyone with interest in electron microscopy. For exampl graduate- and undergraduate students, postdoctoral students, NTNU faculties, employees and non-NTNU users.

Facilities in the EMLab

Please contact us to plan your experiments to develop the best plan for using the facilities, equipment and instruments in the laboratory. More on facilities in the EMLab

Services we offer ​​​​​​​

Our services are available to anyone with interest in electron microscopy. For exampl graduate- and undergraduate students, postdoctoral students, NTNU faculties, employees and non-NTNU users.

Multiple levels of services

  • Project consultation
  • Education and training on electron microscopes for new users
  • Equipment for trained users who anticipate having long-term electron microscopy projects
  • Full service microscopy

Services provided

  1. TEM sample preparation (transmission electron microscopy)
  2. SEM sample preparation (scanning electron microscopy)
  3. SBF SEM sample preparation, Serial Block Face VolumeScope (serial block-face scanning electron microscopy)
  4. Positive and negative staining.
  5. Immuno-EM, Tokuyasu, post- and pre embedding labeling techniques (immune electron microscopy)
  6. X-ray microanalysis.


We encourage any NTNU student to talk with us about taking the course. It is a great way to get to learn about electron microscopy and the equipment in the facility. The EMLab supports two courses: Advanced Cellular Imaging Techniques (MOL8010) and Cell Biology and Cellular Biophysics (TFY4260)​​​​​​​


The Electron microscopy laboratory provides fee-for-service full-service microscopy for NTNU and external users as our staff availability allows on an ad hoc basis. Prices for equipment and services at the EMLab: Electron microscopy lab – Price list​​​​​​​


Cellular and molecular imaging core facility (CMIC) use Bookitlab for all instrument reservations and service requests. If you have questions please contact us or Bjørnar Sporsheim.

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Service request

Please contact us by e-mail to plan your experiments. E-mail: CMIC Electron Microscopy lab (our e-mail addresses)

The EMLab has a highly competent technical staff

​​​​​​​It is very important to contact us at early stage of your research project. We will inform you how to isolate, fix and store tissue or cell samples for histology, electron microscopy or light microscopy imaging.

Before you start

Before you start

Training will be provided and approved by the Electron microscopy lab staff.

Training will be provided as needed. When the training is approved, the user will be given an unassisted access to the instruments during the working hours (8 AM – 4 PM).

The user will be charged for the training (training price/hour) and for hourly fee for the instrument time. Assistance will still be available by request but will be charged (technical assistance price/hour).

If the user has been inactive for more than 3 months, his/her access to the instrument will be terminated. Prior to regaining access, the user must be retrained supervised by the EMLab staff. The user will be charged (training price/hour).

Working outside working hours needs to be approved by the EMLab staff.

All users must attend general laboratory safety and chemical management training prior to work in the Electron microscopy laboratory.

A user must request permission to bring a chemical into or out of the lab. Users are expected to follow policies and procedures defined in the chemical management for the lab, and safety protocols established during the training. Any user not adhering to policy, procedures, protocols or safety requirements will be suspended from the lab.

Samples that have been embedded in EMLab will be stored in the lab. The user cannot remove the samples from the lab without clarifying with the EM staff in advance

We can offer the possibility of temporary data storage on our server.

The server has limited capacity and a tendency to quickly fill up. The data will be deleted after 3 months without notification.

Printers and computers are for lab use and research ONLY. They may not be used for any other personal, professional, or academic affairs.

EMLab day&time

28 May 2021 Irene Aspli



​​​​​​​ CMIC Electron Microscopy lab


CMIC EMLab, Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Erling Skjalgsons gate 1, Laboratoriesenteret 4. floor, LS 232.04.035

Corona virus

Corona virus

Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core facility (CMIC) has limited capacity due to the corona situation  If you have any questions please use the contact us-link or contact Bjørnar Sporsheim.
30 Apr 2021



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