10. Publication

Requirements for studies
Research and studies to be published as articles in journals in the "Vancouver Group" must fulfil certain criteria:

Any study that prospectively assigns human subjects to one intervention group or to comparison groups to study the cause-and-effect relationship between interventions and health outcomes must be registered in ClinicalTrials before the study starts. NTNU has an account in ClinicalTrials, so that individual researchers can register their studies. Contact for NTNUs account is Ingrid I. Riphagen

Rules for authorship and co-authorship
When the research results are to be published, the project manager must ensure that the rules for authorship and co-authorship are followed. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the individual researcher is familiar with the rules for authorship and co-authorship and for checking that the rules are followed. The Vancouver rules for co-authorship present the criteria for being a co-author of an academic publication.

The person who creates a literary, scientific or artistic work has the copyright to the work according to Norwegian Copyright Legislation (in Norwegian). The author of a text then has the right to decide whether, when and where to publish it. The copyright also provides protection against other people copying the text without paying for it, unless the copying takes place for personal use or according to the rules of citation.

When NTNU has supported the author's contribution to the publication, the author must specify NTNU as his or her address so that NTNU is credited. This follows from the guidelines for crediting academic institutions in connection with publication. The guidelines were prepared by the Norwegian Council for Higher Education (UHR) in collaboration with the Association of Norwegian Research Institutes (FFA) and the National Cooperative Council for Medical and Professional Health Research (NSG).

Choice of journal
A list of the approved journals at levels 1 and 2 in the various scientific disciplines may be a helpful guide to the journals that follow the "Vancouver Group" requirements. NTNU's approved IPR policy, Section 8: openness, publication, and confidentiality, is in accordance with directives from the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Council for Higher Education (UHR). (Both links in Norwegian.)

Open access to academic work published by researchers at NTNU is an objective of the university. Researchers are encouraged to publish their work in journals that practise Open Access. It is important not to renounce the right to Open Access when entering into a contract with the individual journal.

Registration in Cristin and DIVA
Most references to academic articles are imported from the databases ISI or NORART into the system Cristin. The import takes place several times a year, but there is a lag after the publication of the article. The individual's researcher profile in Cristin provides links to research results in the categories of the NVI (Norsk Vitenskapsindeks, the Norwegian Science Index) for the past year. If the reference does not appear on this list after some time, you need to register it yourself. After obtaining permission from the co-authors and publisher, you can retrieve the reference and upload the full text of the article in PDF format by clicking the link "Deliver full-text document". The article will then be uploaded into NTNU's institutional archive, DIVA. After checking the publishing rights, the University Library will make the article available as Open Access literature if possible.

Only digital versions retrieved from this website are valid.

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