Person or entity responsible for research - RR ("forskningsansvarlig")

The person or entity responsible for research (RR) has the overall responsibility for all research projects that take place at the organization. The duties and authority assigned to this role can be delegated. The person/entity responsible for research

  • must ensure that the internal control system is implemented and followed in practice.
  • must assess whether the project is consistent with the unit's strategy and whether the necessary resources are available. This assessment must take place before or after consideration by the regional committee for medical and health research ethics (REK), which takes place before the project starts.
  • must take steps to resolve non-conformances and must stop or rectify research that is medically, ethically or legally indefensible, or that is in conflict with the permission that has been granted.
  • must take systematic measures to promote good research and to ensure that research is planned, organized, conducted and completed in accordance with the Health Research Act and Regulations. The person/entity responsible for research can ask the project manager for detailed information such as applications and change requests, protocols, information letters, consent forms, risk assessments, final reports and data storage.
  • In the management communications with his or her superior, must report on the research activities at the unit, compliance with legislation and procedures, and the quality system used.

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