Project team members and their duties

Project team members include anyone who is involved in the project: researchers, PhD candidates and students. A student who does not have a doctoral degree must be a project team member, and cannot be a project manager.

  • Researchers at NTNU who work with medical and health-related projects must familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations applicable to their research and must follow the procedures specified in this system.
  • Researchers must conduct the project in accordance with good scientific practice and the research protocol that has been approved in advance for the project.
  • Researchers have a duty of confidentiality and must take steps to prevent other parties (including researchers outside the project and health professionals) from obtaining access to or knowledge of data unless there is a legal basis for disclosing the information.
  • Researchers must report serious and adverse or unexpected medical events immediately to the project manager or the person/entity responsible for the research. The same applies to research that they regarded as medically, ethically or legally improper or in violation of the permission granted and the professional requirements of the research.
  • Researchers must provide the supervisory authorities — the Norwegian Board of Health (Statens helsetilsyn) and / or the Norwegian Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) — information on factors that may jeopardize the safety of the research participants. The researcher must also inform the project manager or the person/entity responsible for research ("forskningsansvarlig"). The police must be notified in the event of death from unnatural causes.
  • Research results must be published in accordance with good scientific practice, including the rules for authorship stated in the Vancouver Convention.

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