HUNT Compute

HUNT Compute

Scalable, virtual machines for flexible data analysis

We believe that information should be analysed to the widest possible extend to generate the widest possible set of knowledge.

We offer Linux-based virtual machines with varying size and memory capacity that is safely deployed within segregated lab spaces.


This is our managed virtual machines.

We deploy these as our lab's home-nodes. We pre-configure the virtual machines with lab users, storage volumes, and basic  software so our researchers can use their precious time focusing on analysis right away.

Lab owners specify the machine type and the size of their default storage volumes that is right for their workloads.

The lab users have privileges to install software, and the responsibility to update and restart the machines in accordance with their work schedule.


This is our unmanaged virtual machines.

Lab owners specify how many machines they need, which machine types they need, and how much storage each machine should have. We then deploy these with a clean operating system.

Researchers have full administrator privileges to themselves install the computational environment of their choice, and the full responsibility for the maintenance.

This setup is aimed to give researcher a high degree of flexibility to run, manage and orchestrate everything from single virtual machines for customized analysis and containers to large-scale virtual cluster systems.


We use live migration technology. This aim to move your virtual machine to a nearby host while the underlying host machine undergo maintenance. Our goal is that you should not have to turn off or reboot your virtual machine during infrastructure maintenance.

Pick the right virtual machines for your research

We offer a range of virtual machine types. The machine types specify the amount of resources that will be available to a specific virtual machine. You may choose one or many machine types inside your lab to fit your scientific goals.

General purpose machine types

This series is intended for general purpose machines. They are optimized for running small workloads such as service nodes, build servers or test and staging environments.


Type vCPU1 Memory (GB)
default.a1 1 0.5
default.a2 1 1
default.a3 1 2
default.a4 2 2

Compute optimized machine types

These series are intended for computation. They are optimized for running larger workloads that require more memory and CPU. These series are optimized for a ratio of 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory per vCPU respectively.


Type vCPU1 Memory (GB)
default.b1 2 4
default.b2 4 8
default.b3 8 16
default.b4 16 32
default.b5 32 64
default.b6 48 96


Type vCPU1 Memory (GB)
default.c1 2 8
default.c2 4 16
default.c3 8 32
default.c4 16 64
default.c5 32 128
default.c6 48 196


Type vCPU1 Memory (GB)
default.d1 2 16
default.d2 4 32
default.d3 8 64
default.d4 16 128
default.d5 24 192

Custom machine types

Not finding the type of your choice? Please contact us and we can tailor machine types for your lab's need2.

  • 1: Virtual CPU cores run on 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon® E5-2680 v3 and v4 processors.
  • 2: Note that there are some limitations in the amount of memory and vCPUs that can be chosen.




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