HUNT Secure

HUNT Secure


Security tailored for its data and use

We believe that elegant and easy-to-use security controls provide optimal real life safeguards for data and the privacy of research participants.

We offer two security tiers with adjustable security controls.

Security Tier 2

This is our default security tier for research data.

The security controls are designed to provide protection up to large-scale indirect identifiable data, such as genome sequences.

Our goal is to protect data from unauthorized access while allowing researchers analytical freedom.

From a user perspective: Connecting to the lab is as easy as typing a one-time password from a smartphone and then connect key-based (passwordless) to the lab over SSH.

From a lab owner perspective: Your lab is logically isolated from other labs. You authorize your own lab users. Your get a dedicated lab entrance that receive daily security updates. All communication between your lab and its users is encrypted over VPN. All users connect with two-step verification. Connections and network traffic is logged. You define your own external network connections in collaboration with your data controller. You get dedicated storage volumes from sensitive and internal information.

Security Tier 3

This is our default security tier for data with a special need for protection, such as direct identifiable information and extensive collections of sensitive information.

The security controls are aimed to ensure that data do not leave the project environment unless clearly stated in written agreements between the data controller and us. The enhanced security include among others strict network hardening, additional hardware tokens for user verification, per-project storage encryption and restricted connection protocols to remote desktops only.


Please contact us for further information on our security tiers.




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