HUNT Cloud - Support

HUNT Cloud - Support


We aim to empower dedicated technical contacts from each lab to provide smooth first-level support to their lab mates

HUNT Cloud is developed by a small team. This makes us dependent on labs to solve most questions within their lab environment. We therefore collaborate closely with dedicated technical contacts from each lab so they can provide powerful help to their colleagues.


Prior to contacting HUNT Cloud for technical support, we expect labs to use reasonable efforts to fix errors, bugs and malfunctions without escalating to us. This include searching the web and asking our cloud community. Thereafter, technical contacts may contact us on Slack or

Service partner

Our goal is to make research fly! We have therefore partnered with our good friends at the NTNU Bioinformatics core facility (BioCore) to ensure expert help for labs in need of enhanced support. BioCore provide support services ranging from technical assistance and guidance on best practice for analysis to full research collaborations.

Emergency events

Ongoing data loss, potential data breach and/or unusable or severely impaired services, are to be reported immediately to +47-46424940 and

Adverse events

We encourage reporting of events, actions or behaviours that led (or might have led) to an unintended and undesirable consequence. We use these reports to improve the resilience and security of our systems.

User guides

We have established a small (but growing) set of user guides.




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Emergencies: Report data breach or data loss to

Contact: Feel free to send us an email at