iLab booking - Manuals for NTNU users

iLab booking - Manuals for NTNU users

You need access to funds to be able to book. 

NTNU employees who want to book instruments and services at the NTNU Core Facilities need to have access to available funds. The booking system knows of all valid "prosjektnummer" at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and who is "prosjektleder" or principal investigator, and will present employees with a dropdown list of available funds.

NB! Employees from faculties other than Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will have to send an email to and ask us to make their funds available in iLab. Please note that only the "prosjektleder" can do this.

If you need to enter an "analyse", enter it in the textbox to the right of the dropdown list.

How to get access to funds

You get access to funds either by being a principal investigator and thereby having your own lab. Or you have to become a member of one of the principal investigators labs. In the booking system labs are normally named after the principal investigator ( ex Nordmann,Kari NTNU Lab - core own effort).

How to become member of a lab

During registration: 
You will be asked who is your principal investigator (PI) and the name of your lab. If you enter the correct information your PI will be informed and confirm that you are a member of the lab and decide which funds will be available for you in the booking system.

If you are a registered user:
Inform the PI of your lab and ask the PI to send an email to iLab asking them to add you to the lab in question. The PI will get a request to confirm the lab membership and will have to give you access to funds as described above.

If you are a principal investigator you need to give your lab members access to funds before they can book in iLab.

NB: If you are a researcher at NTNU but not at The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: Please register in iLab first, and then send an email to and specify which project numbers you would like to have access to in the booking system.

Step 1: Register for an user account

Step 2: Log in to the iLabsolutions

  • Navigate to "My labs" (under "manage groups"). 

Step 3: Manage your 'projects' to give your lab members access to funds.

  • Click on the lab that is named after you.
  • Click on "Membership Requests and Projects". 
  • Funds are made available for lab members by clicking the checkbox corresponding to the lab members name and the desired 'project' number.
  • Press the save button.
  • Fund availability is per lab member so you can control who will be able to use which funds.
  • If funds are missing in the booking system, you have to contact your financial contact person ("prosjektøkonom") who can investigate and help get funds available.