The modules

The modules

The exhibition is built around 4 main themes, Climate change and the energy system, The city of the future, Sustainable lifestyle and Food in future. You can experience the following modules:

Climate Change in Trondheim

City illustration made by Ellen-Birgitte StrømøClimate Change in Trondheim

With the climate changing, what will this mean for Trondheim? What would the city look like if the water level rose? Put on our headset and see for yourself, and jump on the treadmill to play a game about how to stop climate change.

Urban biodiversity 2050

Photo: SLAUrban biodiversity 2050

Why is it of paramount importance to conserve biodiversity, including in cities? How do we increase it? Join us and learn how we evaluate the extent of species’ distribution, and how even you can map this quantity.

The Carbon-neutral City in 2050

Illustration of carbon footprint of cities.The Carbon-neutral City in 2050

‘It’s 2050 and you live in a carbon-neutral city. What were the biggest changes you experienced in the past thirty years?’ For most people living in cities, between 30 and 50% of their carbon footprint is under the control of the city and local government. What can they do to protect the climate, and how can we help them?

Green Gaming

Board game.Green Gaming

Play a game and learn about the environment! Games are fun and can be used to promote knowledge about climate change and other environmental issues. Come in and try our environment board games!

«Off the Grid»

House illustration«Off the Grid»

How we choose to live is crucial for the outcome of the climate crisis. 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions today come from our homes. Houses will become more and more advanced, comfortable and futuristic, but should we rather be downscaling and simplifying – in order to save the planet?

Micro house

Photo of micro houseMicro house

This is a model of Ola Ravn's mini-house from the documentary "Off the Grid".

The model is built on a 1:10 scale and has functioning solar cells and water collection system.

Future Consumer

Store illustrationFuture Consumer

What does the future of clothes shopping look like? How will we wear and dispose of clothes in 2050? Here, we challenge you to question your preconceptions about clothing, and to help us ensure in a more sustainable future.

The Power of Us

Illustration with phone and web site.The Power of Us

Is a sustainable society even possible? Through the artwork Anne’s Journey you will experience how personal change can lead to massive societal change. Start your own journey by finding your personal carbon footprint and motivation for changing your habits.

Chrunchy Critters

Worms eating carrot: Johanne IrgensChrunchy Critters

Have you tried eating insects? These small superheroes are good for both you and the planet. Insects are considered delicacies many places in the world, and we in Invertapro believe that by 2050, they will be a natural part of our diet in Norway too. We will show you why and how – come get a taste of the future!

The Time Wall

Illustration: Stig LarssætherThe Time Wall

What do we owe future generations? What will our descendants think about us? If you were to meet them face to face here and now, what would you say to them?