Kongsvoll alpine garden Overview Photo: NTNU University Museum

Kongsvoll Biological Station

Kongsvoll Biological Station is located at Kongsvold Fjeldstue in Oppdal in the county of Sør-Trøndelag. The station is open to researchers and students in biological subjects at university and university college levels. The research station can be booked through the NTNU University Museum.


If you wish to use the station's facilities in connection with research in the Dovrefjell mountain region, please contact the NTNU University Museum, Department of Natural History,

Manager: Tommy Prestø
Email: kongsvoll.biologisk@vm.ntnu.no

Bookings can only be granted by the NTNU University Museum.

Questions about the station can also be directed to Kongsvold Fjeldstue:

Visiting academics and researchers

The Kongsvoll Biological Station is open to researchers and students in biological subjects at university and university college levels. For bookings, please contact the NTNU University Museum.


For a stay at the Kongsvoll Biological Station, a set fee of NOK 100 per person per 24 hours is charged. An invoice with the total amount is issued from the NTNU University Museum following the stay.

Staying at the research station:


Upon arrival at the station, keys are issued in the reception at the Kongsvold Fjeldstue. Lodgers should bring their booking confirmation and complete a registration form. At the end of your stay, keys are to be returned to the reception.

Equipment at the research station

We ask that you bring your own bedclothes or sleeping bag. Alternatively, you may rent bedclothes at the hotel.

The office and laboratory have Wi-fi with internet access.

Lodgers are expected to use their own mobiles and personal computers when staying at the research station.

Keeping the station clean

The availability of the station to lodgers is subject to lodgers cleaning up after themselves.  This includes cleaning the rooms, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom before leaving. Future lodgers should be able to use the rooms immediately after your departure. Cleaning supplies and equipment, including a vacuum cleaner, can be found in the hall outside the rooms. Persstuggu is equipped with its own vacuum cleaner.

Please do not leave behind any articles of food, clothing or equipment at the station, (even if you expect to return that very season). Any items left behind will be removed. If you are in need of storage space for scientific equipment, storage may be granted by Kongsvold Fjeldstue.

Please dispose rubbish in the local rubbish-bin, in the yard.

Kongsvoll alpine garden Xanthoria elegans Photo: NTNU University Museum

Kongsvoll alpine garden Alpine juniper Photo: NTNU University Museum

Facilities at Kongsvoll Biological Station:


  • The southern part of the Raulåna building has two rooms, a kitchen, shower, toilet, and a living room on the ground floor. The first floor consists of a laboratory, a teaching room and an office.
  • The Persstuggu building has of one room with a kitchen with hot water, but no bathroom or shower. Guests have access to the showers and bathroom at Raulåna.
  • The Eldhuset building, which is accommodation reserved for the station manager.