The fantastic forest

The fantastic forest

"The fantastic forest" is an exhibition about life in the forest, and how we can take care of it. The forest is rich in biodiversity and full of natural resources that we humans benefit from. In the exhibition, you will learn more about Bymarka in Trondheim and the boreal rainforest in Central Norway. You will also learn about the health of the forest environment in Norway and what we can do to safeguard its biodiversity.

Europe is home to boreal rainforests, or coastal pine forests, which are found only on the Trøndelag coast and in southern Nordland. Here we find species of lichens, among others, which are very rare. Our boreal rainforest is a vulnerable habitat that not many people know about, but that we must take good care of.

Bymarka is rich in natural resources and has always been important as Trondheim's outlying forest. The exhibition contains a Viking sword, among other things, that was found at Sommersetra.

What happens when you dive into the forest's micro world? What is hiding in the moss?

In the exhibition, you can dive into the forest floor, study water bears, and try your hand as a researcher. Did you know that water bears were given their name because they look a bit like a bear?

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are the world's shared work plan to ensure social and economic development, while also halting climate change and the loss of biodiversity by 2030. Sustainable use and conservation of the forest are crucial to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. In the exhibition you will learn more about the sustainable development goals and how they contribute to a better society.

The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, which collects and shares knowledge about Norwegian nature, and the United Nations Association of Norway have both contributed to the exhibition.

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