Kongsvoll alpine garden Monument Photo: NTNU University Museum

The history of the alpine garden

Kongsvoll Alpine Garden was established in 1992 by Simen Bretten, who was in charge of the Kongsvoll Biological Station at the time. The current alpine garden covers approximately one hectar (2 acres).

The Kongsvoll Alpine Garden replaced the original alpine garden, which lay next to the railway station, and was created by the botanist Thekla R. Resvoll in 1924. In the first garden, several of the alpine plants were planted every year. In contrast, the current garden emphasises the presentation of alpine plant life and species occurring naturally.

The original garden was maintained by the University of Oslo until 1975, when it became part of the NTNU University. The transfer was made in connection with the establishment of Kongsvoll Biological Station. The NTNU University Museum’s department of natural history currently manages the research station.

Thekla R. Resvoll (1871-1948)

In 1953, a memorial dedicated to the founder of the original alpine garden, Thekla R. Resvoll, was unveiled next to the railway station. Resvoll was one of the first female members of Norway’s academia. The memorial was later relocated to the current alpine garden. It is carved from soapstone from Sel, and modelled according to a tombstone from Vågå. The artist was Headmaster Per Haugen from Dovre.

Kongsvoll alpine garden Primula scandinavica Photo: NTNU University Museum

Kongsvoll alpine garden Tetraplodon mnioides Photo: NTNU University Museum