Kongsvoll alpine garden Overview Photo: NTNU University Museum

Visitor information

Kongsvoll’s weather influences all activities on the mountain and opening dates vary according to conditions. dictates the garden’s opening dates. Typically, the garden opens to the public around the June 10, though this may vary depending on the weather conditions during spring and early summer. The garden closes for the public around the September 1.

Travel information:

Kongsvoll Alpine Garden is situated close to the E6 highway, on the rocks south of Kongsvold Fjeldstue (map). If you arrive by car, you may park next to the E6.

The garden is also accessible by buss. Nor-way provide daily trips between Trondheim-Bergen/ Bergen-Trondheim, and stops at Kongsvoll station.

Kongsvoll can also be reached by railway (NSB). Kongsvoll station is not manned, and the train stops at the station on request from passengers. The alpine garden is about a fifteen minute walk from the railway station.

Facilities and access

Admission to the Kongsvoll Alpine Garden is free of charge. The alpine garden is open to everyone, but be aware that the nature in the mountains is fragile.

The garden does not have its own toilet facilities. By the entrance, there are two stone beds easily accessible for disabled visitors. Unfortunately, the rest of the garden is not adapted for wheelchairs.

Eating and drinking

Kongsvold Fjeldstue is located close to the garden and includes a restaurant, hotel and café (Kongsvold Kro). For opening hours, please see their website.  

Guided tours and talks

Free guided tours and lectures in Kongsvoll Alpine Garden are available by appointment, and are first and foremost offered in the period between June and September. The tours cover the garden, the mountain flora and its ecosystems. Guided tours on other topics may be arranged, though we ask that you indicate your topic of interest beforehand.

Guided tours are given in Norwegian, English, or a combination of the two, depending on the audience. To attend a tour or lecture, please contact the garden and book before arrival.


Kongsvoll alpine garden Map Photo: NTNU University Museum

Please help us preserve the alpine garden by:


  • not picking its plants or any part of them
  • only faring within the designated areas
  • not removing or damaging signs
  • not barbecuing or playing ball games
  • disposing of waste in the trash, and never in the garden
  • not feeding nor approaching wildlife
  • picking up after your pets

Contact information

 For guided tours, talks or questions, please contact:

NTNU University Museum's Department of Natural History:

 Tel: +47 73 59 22 80

Alternatively, contact senior engineer and manager at Kongsvoll alpline garden and biological station, Tommy Prestø: