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The department offers studies in Musicology, Music Technology, Dance Studies and Music Performance Studies. The staff's research and artistic development span the same range of disciplines.


The application deadline for degree studies at our music performance studies is December 15 every year. Bachelor applicants to our degree studies in musicology, music technology and dance studies have deadlines depending on whether the applicants high school degree is from a Nordic country or not (see How to apply).

Information regarding application can be found at the Office of International Relations and at their How to apply page (also for information on Norwegian language courses). Frequently asked questions.

Information for prospective exchange students (students only staying for a shorter period of time).

Being an exchange student means that one of NTNU's primary admission requirements — that you be proficient in Norwegian — does not apply. However most classes have Norwegian as the language of instruction. The course catalogue has the option to only show courses offered in English.

Exchange to NTNU Department of Music

Information regarding exchange to Musicology, Music Technology and Dance Studies can be found at the Office of International Relations.

Some useful information:

Number of students: Music Performance Studies 150, Music Technology 70, Musicology 120, Dance Studies 50.
Calendar of academic year: 15 August–20 December. 2 January–15 June (approximately)

Students at Music Performance Studies at AEC member institutions can apply for an exchange period at our Music Performance studies. Additional information for these students:

  • Application deadline is 1 Mars.
  • The application needs a recording and confirmation signature from the home institution.
  • If we don't have an Erasmus agreement we make one if you are accepted.
  • Music Performance Studies use EASY for application
  • Nordplus applicants use the Nordplus application form. Contact your local coordinator.
  • Contact our international relations coordinator at music@hf.ntnu.no

European Jazz Master

A joint postgraduate programme for young elite jazz performers and composers at five European jazz schools in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Trondheim


Contact details:

Postal address:

Department of Music
NO-7491 Trondheim

Telephone: (+47) 73 59 73 00
Email: musikk@hf.ntnu.no
Web: www.ntnu.edu/music
Opening hours: 09:00–14:00 (Main administration)

Visiting address:

Main administration/ Music Performance Studies/ Music Technology
Olavskvartalet, 5. floor, Trondheim city centre
University campus Dragvoll, building 2, level 4.
Dance Studies
Sport Centre Dragvoll, 3. floor, wing B. Loholt allé 81