Researchers at Center for Myeloma Research

K G Jebsen Center for Myeloma Research. Photo: Geir Mogen

The leader of the center is Professor Anders Sundan, Department for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU. Therese Standhal is his vise-chairman.

Main activities:

  • Classification of myeloma patients. Headed by Professor Magne Børset (NTNU and  St.Olavs University Hospital)
  • Inflammation as a driving force in multiple myeloma. Headed by Professor Terje Espevik (NTNU)
  • The bone disease of multiple myeloma. Headed by Senior Scientist Therese Standal (NTNU)
  • Biobanking and clinical studies. Headed by Department Head, Professor Anders Waage (St.Olavs University Hospital and NTNU)

Associated scientists

In addition the groups of the following scientists are associated with the Center:

  • Professor Geir Slupphaug, NTNU: Research on proteomic identification of subgroups of multiple myeloma patients
  • Professor Marit Otterlei, NTNU: Research on new drugs for treatment of multiple myeloma
  • Professor Geir Bjørkøy, NTNU: Research on autophagy an cell signaling in multiple myeloma

KG Jebsen

Contact information

Anders Sundan (head)
Therese Standal (vise-chairman)

Visiting adress:
St. Olav's Hospital
Gastrosenteret 2nd floor
Prinsesse Kristinasgt. 1
Trondheim, Norway

Postal adress:
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
Box 8905
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway