News and Press Releases

News and Press Releases


NTNU launches new English-language podcast

The pilot project, with five episodes, is part of NTNU's effort's to share its research internationally. (29.01.2021)

No written exams on campus in autumn

To ensure that students can take exams, the Rector has today decided that all exams written on campus with supervision will be converted into home exams. (3.11.2020)

Nordic Five Tech establishes new network for artificial intelligence

The Nordic Al Network aims to make the Nordic region a global hub in Al research, education and innovation. (2.5.2019)

NTNU have reached an agreement with Wiley

A press release from UNIT states that UNIT on behalf of NTNU has reached an agreement with Wiley on access to read articles and to publish open access in most of their journals – a so called “read and publish”-agreement. (15.03.2019)

NTNU do not renew their agreement with Elsevier

The University library have prepared for the situation. Researchers will continue to have the right to submit articles for publication, however. (12.03.2019)

Update 23 April: NTNU has reached an agreement with Elsevier

Breaking research from the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience: 

How your brain experiences time

Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience have discovered a network of brain cells that expresses our sense of time within experiences and memories. The area of the brain where time is experienced is located right next to the area that codes for space. (29.08.2018)

News 2017

Gunnerus Sustainability Award 2017 to Carl Folke

Professor Carl Folke has been awarded the 2017 Gunnerus Sustainability Award for his outstanding scientific work to promote sustainable development globally.

(28 Aug 2017)

Position paper about Horizon 2020

–  We wish to contribute to the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 and in the preparation of the next framework programme for research and innovation by sharing some concerns as well as by pointing out opportunities for improvement.

Starmus and Stephen Hawking to Trondheim

The world’s most ambitious science and music festival is moving to Norway with an impressive lineup including Stephen Hawking, Nobel Prize-winning scientists and legendary musicians


UiB and NTNU establish presence in Japan through the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo

The purpose is to strengthen research and educational cooperation with Japan.

Massimo Busuoli is NTNU's new man in Brussels

(30 November 2015) He has extensive experience from the EU, a master’s degree in physics and promises his door will always be open.

World's first professorship in Big Data Cybernetics

(30 October 2015) NTNU and KONGSBERG are to establish the world's first professorship in Big Data Cybernetics that combines the fields of chemometrics and cybernetics.

Our green future must include industry

(22 September 2015) Researcher Markus Steen says research alone isn’t enough to make Norway’s economy greener. Industry needs to be more deeply involved with the research community at an early stage.

Peering into fish brains to see how they work

(9 September 2015) Transparent fish and an ability to work in the dark are key to the research of the newest group at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience.

Mosers, Kavli Institute given multimillion grant to establish a new centre of excellence

(8 September 2015) The British-born Pauline Braathen has given US $5 million to establish a new centre at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU. The Kavli Foundation has matched this donation with NOK 50 million so that the new centre will receive a NOK 100 million grant.

NTNU professor and curator of the 22 July Centre explains the controversial exhibit

(17 July 2015) "July 22 affected individuals and Norwegian society in a way we have not experienced since World War II,” writes Tor Einar Fagerland.

Eating habits matter most when it comes to weight gain in children

(16 July 2015) Some children gain more weight than others, and it seems that eating habits are the reason.

Jump in the sea and swim with salmon

(14 July 2015) With the help of new 3-D technology, you can dive underwater and swim with farmed salmon.

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