News and Press Releases 2008

NTNU joins European Technology Network
(27.11.08) NTNU has agreed to join the Science|Business Network of prominent European research institutions, in an effort to promote enterprise in science. The agreement is aimed at improving the dialogue between business and academia in Europe – long identified by experts as crucial to the region’s success in international technology markets.

Viruses and "young cuckoos" lead the way in the brain
(14.10.08) Harmless viruses and genetic ‘young cuckoos’ are going to reveal the answers as to how the brain establishes where we are. The understanding of our sense of locality will be the first higher brain function that we understand at a molecular level.

Major research programme for CO2 capture
(14.08.08) A scientific research and development programme worth more than NOK 300 million is being launched in Norway with the aim of generating more cost effective technology for CO2-capture. The project is one of the biggest of its kind to date.

Best of all universities in Europe for engineering education in sustainability
(17.04.2008) NTNU has just been named as offering the best engineering education in Europe for sustainable development. NTNU’s systematic focus on sustainability and the environment has put the university ahead of such well-known institutions as KTH and Chalmers in Sweden, and technical universities in Delft, Munich and Dresden.