News and Press Releases 2009

News and Press Releases 2009

Managing megaprojects

Managing megaprojects
(02.12.2009) NTNU, Statoil and Berkeley sign a cooperative agreement for research on managing megaprojects.

Kavli research

On the same wavelength -- literally
(19.11.2009) NTNU researchers describe how the brain "tunes in" to important information in the 19 November issue of Nature.

No to Israel boycott

NTNU says no to Israel boycott
(12.11.2009) The board of NTNU decided unanimously to reject a call to boycott Israel, in accordance with the Rector's recommendation.

Hard workouts, reduced fertility

Hard workouts, reduced fertility
(09.11.2009) Don't work out to exhaustion if you are trying to get pregnant, new research from NTNU shows.

Pan-European Palliative Care Centre opens

First-ever pan-European Palliative Care Research Centre
(15.10.2009) Europe's first-ever cross-border research centre to promote better palliative care and end-of-life care for patients opened Thursday, Oct. 15 at NTNU.

NTNU tops in engineering education

NTNU among the top in engineering education for sustainable development
(25.09.2009) NTNU is ranked number two in Europe when it comes to educating engineers about sustainable development.

1.4 percent for the planet

1.4 per cent for the planet
(10.09.2009) Just 2000 kr. per person per year will fund the research and technology needed to make deep cuts in Norway's greenhouse gas emissions.

Teetotalers more likely to be depressed

Teetotalers more likely to be depressed
(27.08.2009) The happiest people were those who drank two glasses of alcohol per week, researchers found.

Headaches and caffeine

Headaches? Throw away your coffee cup
(13.08.2009) Well, maybe not. But heavy coffee drinkers are more prone to headaches, NTNU researchers have found

NTNU welcomes students

New students welcomed to NTNU
(11.08.2009) Global warming, swine flu, the financial crisis: never before has education been so critical.

Limiting the spread of swine flu

Limiting the potential spread of swine flu
(10.08.2009) Wash your hands frequently and help stop the potential spread of swine flu.

NTNU on iTunesU

NTNU lectures, courses now on iTunesU
(04.08.2009) NTNU "Open Courseware" on popular website

NTNU attracts top students

NTNU nanotech, medicine attract Norway's top students
(21.07.2009) Norway's most competitive study programmes at NTNU

Kidney disease risks

Kidney disease risk, prehypertension and obesity
(21.07.2009) Prehypertension increases the risk of kidney disease in obese individuals.

Teen drinking and mental health problems

Teen drinking and mental health problems
(15.07.2009) NTNU medical researchers show link between teen drinking and mental health problems.

Ain't no mountain high enough

Ain't no mountain high enough
(14.07.2009) NTNU architecture students design for the Norwegian high mountains.

New screening for serious kidney disease

New screening approach for serious kidney disease
(03.07.2009)The combination of two common medical tests can improve a doctor’s ability to predict which patients will develop serious kidney disease.

Boys want it but girls get it

Boys want it but girls get it
(01.07.2009) New NTNU survey shows evolution and biology drive sexual mores and lead to traditional sexual choices among heterosexuals, even in liberated Norway.

NTNU Architecture students create non-profit

NTNU Architecture students create non-profit humanitarian design group
(29.06.2009) Five architecture students have created a design for an orphanage and a small library in Thailand that use local materials and reflect local cultural values and mores.

NTNU-StatoilHydro agreement

NTNU and StatoilHydro sign 90 million kroner agreement
(24.06.09) It's the single largest agreement NTNU has ever signed with a company. And it's the first ever in Norway that has been signed "virtually", with the help of NTNU's new virtual reality (VR) laboratory.

Storing CO2 in the North Sea

North Sea reservoirs ideal for CO2 storage
(17.06.2009) More than 300 attendees from across the globe came to the 5th Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture Transport and Storage on June 16-17 to hear about everything from the storage potential of the North Sea to improving CO2 capture with amines.

Calculating carbon footprints

How big is your country's carbon footprint?
(17.06.2009) Ever wonder where all the carbon dioxide your country emits really comes from? A new website launched in association with the publication of a paper in the June 15 issue of Environmental Science and Technology enables users to find out the details of their country's carbon footprint.

NTNU graduates record number PhDs

NTNU graduates a record number of PhDs
(04.06.2009) NTNU’s newly minted PhDs were recognized in a ceremony Wednesday, June 3 at the Student Union Building, during which NTNU also awarded two honorary doctor degrees and a number of research and teaching awards.

A really clean room

A really clean room
(14.05.2009) When your research area is nanotechnology, a speck of dust can take on the dimensions of a gigantic boulder. But nanotech researchers at NTNU and SINTEF can work in a dust free environment in NTNU's new clean room laboratory -- the only one of its kind in Norway.

Shell Eco-Marathon Prize

One litre of gasoline, 1247 km and a prize-winning record
(12.05.2009) Ten NTNU master’s students, two drivers and an 80-kg carbon fibre automobile dubbed “Fuel Fighter” took a record-breaking first prize in Lausitz, Germany last week, when their vehicle travelled the equivalent of 1247 km on a litre of gasoline in the 2009 Shell Eco-Marathon

NTNU mathematician honoured

NTNU mathematician adds up to the best
(05.05.2009) Professor Idun Reiten, whose career in theoretical algebra spans 40 years, has been awarded the Fridtjof Nansen prize from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and has been honoured as the Emmy Noether Lecturer for the 2010 International Congress of Mathematicians.

Nobel laureate lectures in Trondheim

Ivar Giæver, NTH graduate and Nobel laureate lectures in Trondheim
(03.04.2009) If Nobel laureate Ivar Giæver could develop one technology for the betterment of society, it would be this: computers that could think, faster and better than humans do.

Scholars at risk

Scholars at Risk welcomed at NTNU
(05.03.2009) NTNU will join the Scholars at Risk programme, the NTNU Board decided on February 25. NTNU’s Student Parliament and SAIH, the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ Assistance Fund, were instrumental in helping the NTNU Board adopt this decision.

NTNU, SINTEF in energy research centres

NTNU and SINTEF in new national climate-friendly energy research centres
(16.02.2009) NTNU and SINTEF will be key players in six of the eight new national centres for environmentally friendly energy that were chosen by the Research Council of Norway in early February. “We are proud that we can contribute with our combined expertise to making the energy revolution possible”, NTNU Rector Torbjørn Digernes and SINTEF CEO Unni Steinsmo said.