NTNU first in Scandinavia on YouTube EDU

NTNU first in Scandinavia on YouTube EDU

(14.11.2012) Lectures from NTNU are now being launched on You Tube's own channel for education.

"We are always on the lookout for improvements. YouTube EDU will increase accessibility to our video lectures, and contribute to spreading knowledge from NTNU to the rest of the world," says Knut Veium, Head of NNTU's Studies and Administrative Support Section.

NTNU is developing a video portal on its own website, and the same videos are now also being posted on You Tube EDU. The video lectures have also been available on iTunes U since 2009.

Video is a trend
"We think it will be valuable to have a presence on You Tube. Our videos are now even more accessible, and easier to find, when they are presented in multiple channels. We also have a young target group. Video lectures are a very distinct trend, and we think it is important to keep up to date," says Veium.

Members of the EDU club
It's been just a week since You Tube was opened to Nordic universities on EDU. "We are enjoying our new membership in the EDU club on You Tube, and we are pleased about being first among the Nordic universities," Veium says.
Veium says NTNU currently has about 300 videos available on the site, but that he expects the number will  double soon. He also estimated that the number of viewings will increase rapidly when video lectures also are published on You Tube.

See video lectures from NTNU: http://www.youtube.com/NTNUopenVideo

Head of Section, Knut Veium