New Carbon Footprint Calculator on the Web

(17.06.2009) Ever wonder just how much of your country's carbon dioxide emissions come from imported food or goods? A new website created by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Centre of International Climate and Environment Research - Oslo (CICERO) answers these questions and more.

Not surprisingly, the wealthier a country is, the more carbon dioxide it emits, say researchers Edgar Hertwich and Glen Peters. Hertwich is a professor of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU, and director of the university's Industrial Ecology Programme, and Peters is a senior scientist at CICERO.

Their website,, enables users to check the importance of different consumption categories for their nations, particularly for imports and exports. The researchers have also published a paper in the June 15 edition of Environmental Science and Technology that details the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the final consumption of goods from 73 nations and 14 world regions.

The national average per capita footprints varied from 1 ton of carbon dioxide equivalents per year in African countries such as Malawi and Mozambique, to roughly 30 tons per year in industrialized countries such as the USA and Luxembourg.