€2.5 million for neuroscience research

(26.11.2010) Professor May-Britt Moser has been selected as one of four Norwegian researchers to receive the 2010 ERMay-Britt Moser, co-director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNUC Advanced Grant. She will receive 2.5 million euro, together with  additional financial support from NTNU, which together will give the university's Kavli Institute Systems Neuroscience an additional of 5 million NOK (0.62M€) extra per year for the next five years.

Moser's grant will fund a broad research programme, ranging from the basic phenomenology of the transition between hippocampal representations, to the role of gamma-oscillations, thalamic activity and anatomy and development.

Moser, who is co-director of the Kavli Institute, will use insights into memory separation processes (‘remapping’) to identify the principles responsible for ensemble representation at behavioural time scales. She and her colleagues are currently developing a new method in the lab, where they will determine how environments and experiences are represented in the short-term time domain and how ensembles involved in one representation fade into those associated with another.  These mechanisms will point the way to a better understanding of mechanisms responsible for retrieval of episodic memory.

A total of 37 Norwegian applicants were considered for an ERC advanced grant, of whom 15 were finalists in the stage 2 of the grant application process. NTNU had 5 applicants, and was awarded one grant for Professor Moser.