NTNU joins European Technology Network

NTNU joins European Technology Network

(27.11.08) The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway’s leading university for higher education in technology, has agreed to join the Science|Business Network of prominent European research institutions, in an effort to promote enterprise in science.

The agreement is aimed at improving the dialogue between business and academia in Europe – long identified by experts as crucial to the region’s success in international technology markets.

“Through this membership, technology from Trondheim will find a broader audience throughout Europe”, NTNU’s rector, Torbjørn Digenes says, “We are pleased to have such a great opportunity to present our technological solutions for the future to the global community. In the end the environment wins, once our clean tech solutions have become the standard all round.”

NTNU excels in areas such as energy and petroleum, medical technology, materials, marine and maritime technology, ICT and globalization.

NTNU has proved to be an attractive R&D partner; either alone or together with its on-campus neighbour, SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research institute.

NTNU joins ten other leading European universities in the Science|Business Network. They are the University of Cambridge, ETH-Zurich, Karolinska Institutet, Imperial College London, University College London, TU Delft, Chalmers University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano and ParisTech.

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