Earthquake in Japan

(16:30, 15  March, 2011)

Rector halts travel to Japan

NTNU has instituted a stop to all trips to Japan, and is recalling all staff and students who are already in the country.
Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU's rector, made the decision Tuesday afternoon. The decision is in line with the latest advice from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has advised Norwegian citizens not to travel to or stay in Japan. Norwegian citizens who are currently in Japan are encouraged to follow the advice of local authorities and look for updated information on the website for the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo.
The actions are a result of the continuing unsettled situation at nuclear power plants that were damaged by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
The rector said that exemptions to the ban would be handled on a case-by-case basis if there are compelling reasons for NTNU students or staff to travel to Japan,.
NTNU has an agreement for travel booking with VIA Travel, which has been alerted to the situation and is ready to handle bookings for NTNU students and staff. Customers who want assistance with travel out of Japan should contact VIA Travel as soon as possible. To avoid long waits for booking the company recommends that people should phone during Norwegian daytime hours, but the agency also has a 24-hour service that can be reached outside of normal working hours.

(21:00, 12  March, 2011)

All from NTNU confirmed safe after the tsunami

All NTNU students and staff presently staying in the Pacific Rim area are reportedly in good condition after the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami.

Contact was finally made on Saturday with the last of the four NTNU students studying in Japan.  He was found to be on holiday in Vietnam. Another of the NTNU students is presently at home in Norway.  The last two are to be found in the earthquake-stricken country, but have reported they too are doing well.

The same can be said of the 31 NTNU employees participating in the Kyoto International Forum for Environment and Energy (KIFEE).  Kyoto was little affected by the earthquake. Many in the NTNU KIFEE delegation are from the Faculty of Science and Technology (NT).

All reported in good condition

In all, NTNU has registered that 382 students and 40 employees currently reside in the Pacific Rim area. According to emergency response team at NTNU, the university has worked intensively these last days to achieve either direct contact, or to confirm through other sources that all are in good condition.

Assistance from NTNU

Should students or employees in the Pacific Rim area desire assistance from NTNU, the university can be contacted at + 27 47918978. NTNU's emergency contact number is + 47 800 80 388.

(18:15, 11.03.2011)

Message to all staff and students in the Pacific area

NTNU sends the following message to students and staff in the areas that are, or may be, affected by the tsunami.

This applies to the tsunami alert that has gone out to the area in which you are staying. We ask that you keep yourself informed about the situation with the information and counsel from local authorities, the Norwegian Embassy, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) — and that you act in accordance with the information you are provided.

General assistance

Contact the Norwegian Foreign Service mission that serves the country where you are for assistance, information and legal help. Websites by country: Norwegian Foreign Service missions

Emergency assistance

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' emergency telephone service (open 24 hrs): + 47 22 24 36 00.


Anyone who has questions regarding the earthquake / tsunami can also call the Foreign Ministry's public service telephone: 47 23 95 23 95

Other assistance

The Norwegian Seaman's Church is NTNU's acting representative on site and can be contacted for assistance and psychosocial services. They can be reached at + 47 951 19 181.

If there is something NTNU can assist with, please let us know.  Contact NTNU at + 47 918 978 27.
NTNU's emergency telephone contact number: + 47 800 80 388.

Contact your relatives

We also ask that you please get in touch with your relatives at home.

A dedicated response team at NTNU is following the situation closely.

(13:00, 11.03.2011)

Seminar delegation is safe

The 31 NTNU employees attending the KIFEE seminar in Kyoto, have reported that they are have not been affected by Japan's earthquake and are well. Currently, NTNU has four registered students in Japan. One is at home in Norway, and two have reported that they are doing well. As of yet, there has been no contact with the fourth student.

A tsunami warning has been issued for much of the Pacific Rim, and NTNU is also working to obtain an overview of staff and students in the affected areas.

The Norwegian Foreign Office has established a dedicated phone number for relatives. That number is 23 95 23 95; their website is Additional updates concerning the situation are continuously available via traditional media