The 400 MHz walk up instrument

The new 400 MHz is a walk up instrument where experiments up to 30 minutes can be run at daytime. Experiments which last longer than this must be submitted as night runs which will be performed between 5 o’clock in the afternoon until 8 o’clock in the morning. The use of this instrument requires no booking, as it follows the principle of first come first serve. The 400 MHz is equipped with an automatic sample changer with 24 positions and samples are submitted using the user-friendly software Iconnmr. The magnet is installed with a Bruker Smartprobe, allowing for detection of several nuclei. Currently it is set up for 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, 11B, 31P. It is also possible to run temperature experiments on this probe after consultation with the system administrator.


The 600 MHz is equipped with a cryoprobe for detection of 1H, 13C and 15N

Running of samples will be done with Iconnmr. The instrument is equipped with a Samplecase for the automatic running of 24 samples. However, this instrument will not differentiate between day- and night time experiments. And, there is no daytime limit for how long experiments can be. The instrument is open for all users when using Iconnmr. However it will be possible to book the instrument to preform experiments which cannot be run in Iconnmr. Booking of the instrument has to be approved by senior engineer Torun M. Melø. The booking of this instrument can be seen here In order to run the instrument in manual mode, the user has to undertake proper training.


The 800 MHz equipped with a cryoprobe for the detection of 1H, 13C and 15N

The 800 MHz is part of the Norwegian NMR Platform, which is a collaboration between NTNU, the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen. An application has to be sent to the Norwegian NMR Platform in order to book the instrument.

The instrument is equipped with SampleJet for automatic running of samples.


Professor Finn L. Aachmann (leader of the laboratory)


Areas of interest: Protein NMR (Carbohydrate  mod. Proteins, IDP)


Professor Alex Dikiy


Areas of interest: Protein NMR (selenoproteins), Metabolomics in Food

Associate Professor Nebojsa Simic


Areas of interest: NMR structure elucidation of natural and synthetic compounds. Natural product chemistry

Senior Engineer Torun M. Melø