Course programme

Course programme

Day 1: Wednesday, 27 November 2019

12.00-12.45:   Welcoming remarks and brief introductions from lecturers and participants

12.45-13.45:   Lunch 

13.45-15.15:   Foundations of Applied Linguistics (Lars Sigfred Evensen)

15.15-15.45:   Coffee break

15.45-17.15:   Methodological Paradigms in Applied Linguistic Research (Srikant Sarangi)

18.30:              Course dinner

Day 2: Thursday, 28 November 2019

09.00-10.30:   Ethical Issues in Applied Linguistics (Minna Suni and Srikant Sarangi)

10.30-10.45:   Coffee break

10.45-11.15:   Heidi Poutiainen. What does eco-conciousness look like?

11.15-11.45:   Liv Bente Strømhaug. Digital counceling in the Norwegian social system. Communicative challenges.

11.45-12.15:   Yaqiong Xu. Investigating EFL teachers with identity and dominant language constellations in multilingual classrooms.

12.15-12.30:   Break

12.30-13.00:    Dokkeum Sun. Dialogical view on learner agency and identity of immigrant children.

13.00-14.00:   Lunch

14.00-14.30:   Anna Smålander. Linguistic characteristics of Swedish medical records.

14.30-15.00:   Cathrin B. Larsen. A linguistic approach to understanding how to deal with patient education and e-health literacy.

15.00-15.30:   Maj Schian Nielsen. Grammar teaching in L3 German teacher education in Denmark and Norway.

15.30-16.00:    Coffee break

16.00-16.30:    Victoria S.N. Schrøder. Internal corporate communication in MNCs: Transfer of immaterial corporate assets.

16.30-17.00:    Diana Walla. Acquisition of English by multilingual students in the EFL classroom.

17.00-17.30:    Paricher Afzali. Argumentative discourse markers in writing among Iranian EFL learners.

19.00               Dinner (participants’ own expense)

Day 3: Friday, 29 November 2019

08.30-09.00:    Johanna Raimi. Spoken word -based teaching methods in heritage language education - An action research on multilingual pedagogy

09.00-09.30:    Ingunn Ofte. Developing effective writing instruction practices in teacher education.

09.30-10.00:    Karina Doi. Perceptions of virtual exchange. Feedback given by Finnish and Japanese university students.

10.00-10.30:   Eva Malessa. Technology-enhanced, game-based late L2 literacy skill training of adult migrants.

10.30-11.00:   Rukhsana Ali. After the Taliban in Pakistani Language Policy

11.00-11.15:   Coffee Break

11.15-11.45:    Turi Marte Brandt Aanerud. Researching with colleagues.

11.45-12.15:   Agnes Bamford. Paternity leave in global corporations; inclusion or cultural imperialism? 

12.15-13.00:   Lunch

13.00-14:30:   Publishing doctoral and postdoctoral research internationally (Srikant Sarangi)

14.30-15.15:   Summary discussion, course evaluation, plans for future actions and farewell