What to do as a new student:

What to do as a new student:

It is important to follow these steps in the correct order

1. Accept the offer from the Admissions Office by "Søknadsweb"

Information will be given to you in the Admissons letter/e-mail.

2. Pay the semester fee / Recieve the semester card

All the students have to pay a semester fee before 15 September (Autumn) or 1 February (Spring).

For information about the semester card

3. Find a timetable 

Timetables Norwegian Courses here

4. AFTER 13 January: Sign up for one of the courses in StudentWeb

The registration opens 13 January at 8 AM in StudentWeb (Remember to register both for classes and for exams and to save between the two registrations). You can now use Blackboard (NTNU`s e-learning system).

Deadlines for registrations:

  • 15 September (Autumn)
  • 1 February (Spring)

5. Order a Student ID Card

Bring the semester card and an official photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence, to the office called "Byggsikring Dragvoll" in Building no. 6 (street level). You will get a student ID card which also functions as a library card and gives you access to the buildings and computer labs that you will be using.

6. Email address / Internet access

At the office called "Orakeltjenesten", next to the Library (Bibliotek) in Building 8 at Dragvoll Campus you will be given an email address / Internet access. Bring your student ID card with you. You will be given a username (brukernavn) and a password.

If you have any questions regarding the registration at Studweb, please contact the Student Service Centre at studentservice@adm.ntnu.no

Contact information

Contact information

Please contact us by e-mail at: norskkurs@hf.ntnu.no

Vi are situated at Dragvoll Campus, Building 5, Level 5.

Questions regarding application and admission:
Phone: (+47) 73 59 77 00

Questions regarding emailadress/Internet access: