Course content NoW

Course content NoW

The texts follow four foreign students arriving and getting settled in Trondheim (Chs 1 – 6 ), and beginning their studies at the NTNU (Chs 7- 10). Each chapter in Part 1, then, consists of four main texts that focus on the four students, while Part 2 has a somewhat freer structure. Every chapter is supplemented by the following sub-chapters:

Grammar (Grammatikk)

Each chapter focuses on specific grammatical issues, though presented in a basic way that does not demand particular grammar skills from the reader. A collected presentation of the grammar in the different chapters is also available, as well as a more comprehensive, organised presentation of Norwegian grammar from a second language perspective.

Pronunciation (Uttale)

This part offers short descriptions of issues in focus, connected to Norwegian pronunciation. It also points out the relation between written and spoken Norwegian.

Listen and repeat (Lytt og gjenta)

Exercises on listening and pronouncing.

Exercises (Arbeidsoppgaver)

Contains interactive, self-correcting exercises.

Vocabulary (Vokabular)

This part offers systematic information on vocabulary; inflection, pronunciation and translation of words used. The course contains lists of words on different levels; for the individual text, for each chapter and for the course in its entirety.

 Extras (Ekstramateriale)

Supplementory material such as short texts, podcasts, videos etc.

Under the main menu, where students will find the various main chapters, there are two other links; Introduction offers background information on NoW as well as a guide to the course, while Hardcopies contains the bulk of the course material on pdf files for downloading and printing. This material can also be purchased in paperback.