Tuition goals with NoW

Tuition goals with NoW

Goals for the tuition are established in accordance with the Common European Framework (CEF). Upon completion of the first part of the course, the student is to have competence comparable to CEF A1 level, while the second part equals CEF A2 level.

At A1 level the student should understand and use everyday expressions in such a way as to fill the simple, primary needs of daily life. Learners should be proficient enough to introduce themselves and others, to ask and reply to questions concerning details on place of residence, acquaintances and possessions.

Students should be able to interact with a speaking partner if the latter speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.

At A2 level the student should understand sentences and common expressions regarding areas of immediate concern (i.e. information pertaining the student her- or himself, family relations, shopping, local geography, studies or work).

The student should be able to communicate in straightforward, routine speaking situations, meaning simple and direct exchange of information on well known, everyday matters. The student should also be able to describe in simple terms personal background, local environment and matters related to immediate needs.