About the committee

Who are we?

The NoSlip-committee consists of six linguistics PhD students at NTNU. The committee members come from all parts of Norway (and even outside of Norway), but for the time being they have all settled in the “Moustache city” (Trondheim). They now look forward to organizing a gobsmacking conference for graduate students.

Brita Ramsevik Riksem

Brita Ramsevik Riksem’s everyday activity is studying language mixing in American-Norwegian nominal phrases through exoskeletal glasses. She was experiencing some abstinence from accounting, numbers and tables, and thus she got the responsibility of keeping track of budget and money for the NoSlip conference.

Agata Bochynska

Agata Bochynska is the committee’s “brain” alibi, as she works with neuro- and psycholinguistics. She investigates how individuals with autism process spatial language. She signed up for some brain games herself by taking on the task of finding reviewers and organizing abstracts for NoSlip.

Anne Mette Sunde

Anne Mette Sunde investigates the influence of English on young Norwegian’s language. At the moment she studies the language of young Norwegians engaged in gaming. To collect data for this part of her project, Anne Mette has started playing computer games herself. When she is not busy doing that, she will, together with Agata, work with reviewers and abstracts for NoSlip.

Maria Boer Johannessen

Maria Boer Johannessen works on a pragmatic and sociolinguistic project where she investigates the Norwegian particle “ass” (not to be pronounced in English), as in “Det var kult, ass” (That was cool, ass). In the NoSlip committee, she is in charge of the VIP-guests; the keynote speakers, from establishing contact and until the last day of the conference.

Ragnhild Eik

Ragnhild Eik has a range of interests, but nevertheless managed to pick one topic for her PhD project: compounds. She will try to find out how words in Norwegian change their meaning when they are put together to a compound, e.g. when buss (bus) and sjåfør (driver) becomes bussjåfør (bus driver). She is responsible for “outward bound” information about NoSlip, and for guarding the gates of all incoming e-mail.

Tina Louise Ringstad

Tina Louise Ringstad’s project is about finding tiny building blocks in child language, and she asks questions about how children acquire verb placement in Norwegian subordinate clauses. When she is not deeply into subordinate clauses, she has the responsibility of looking after the others by managing the work of the committee, arrange meetings regularly and supply an endless amount of puns.

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