Practical information

Requirements for presentations

Oral presentation

The oral presentations will be organized in two parallel sessions. The allotted time for an oral presentation is 25 minutes, which includes a 20 minute talk and a 5 minute discussion.

If you will be using slides, please set this up in the break just before your session starts. There will be a laptop in each room that you can use to open your presentation if you have it on a memory stick or your e-mail.

We would advise you to save your presentation as a pdf in order to make sure that everything looks the way you planned it (this may sometimes change when you open a presentation on a different device or in a different program).


Poster presentation

The poster session will take place after lunch on the first day. A poster session provides an informal setting for you to present and discuss your research with other researchers. The poster should present some key aspects of your research. It could contain bullet points, illustrations, colours, etc. The most important thing is that the information is easily accessible and that it invites others to ask questions and discuss your project with you. Posters must be vertical and maximum size A0.

You can put up your poster in the break just before the session starts. There will be poster boards and something to hang the posters with.



Conference hotel

The conference will be held at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel (Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim), where you can also book your hotel room. Remember to book your room at the conference hotel by September 2, in order to get the conference price.

IMPORTANT: When you book your room, please do so by telephone (+47 73 80 30 00) or email ( State the booking code and the name of the conference in order to get the conference price. The booking code can not be used through online booking.

Booking code: 353979

With the booking code, the price per night is 1085 NOK. Breakfast is included. The price is available for stays from October 5-7.

LingPhil travel grant

If you are a member of LingPhil you may apply for a LingPhil travel grant to cover expenses for travel and accommodation. Remember to apply for a travel grant before the conference takes place, and no later than 26 september 2016. Expences will be reimbursed after the conference.

Please follow the guidelines for LingPhil travel grants.


Alternative accommodation

If you opt out of staying at the conference hotel, there are several other hotels in the area. If you are looking for a cheaper option, the P-Hotels Brattøra, by the train station, is one possibility. We can also recommend Hotel Augustin right in the city centre. Most hotels in and around the city centre (Midtbyen, Solsiden, Bakklandet, Brattøra) are within walking-distance to the conference hotel

How to get from Værnes Airport to the conference hotel

The easiest way to get to town is to take one of the two airport buses, and both drive to or near the Royal Garden Hotel (Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim). Værnesekspressen (the grey one) will stop right outside the hotel, you just tell the bus driver where you're going. Flybussen (the purple one) won't stop right outside the hotel, but nearby. Just tell the busdriver where you're going and they'll tell you where to get off.

The buses are parked right outside the arrivals hall at Værnes, and leave at regular intervals. You can pay cash or with a debit or credit card.

About Trondheim

The conference hotel, commonly referred to as Royal Garden, is located right in the city centre of Trondheim, close to restaurants and cafés, various cultural experiences, and shopping opportunities.

Solsiden is a very popular area of town, found only a couple of minutes' walk from the hotel. It literally means "the sunny side", and is located by the river, in a former docking area. It's known for its row of restaurants and cafés, and people go here for dinner and drinks, or for good musical experiences. Blæst has a very informal, jazzy vibe, while Søstrene Karlsen is considered more up-scale.

Bakklandet is one of Trondheim's oldest areas, with rows of small, wooden houses. If the weather is nice, the area is especially nice for a calm stroll and a cup of coffee. The area houses several artsy and unique stores and businesses, and several places offer local and domestic beers. Antikvariatet (located near the old city bridge, or "The Portal of Happiness") comes highly recommended for its food, drinks and cozy atmosphere. 

Midtbyen is the term for Trondheim's bustling city centre, circled by Nidelven; the river that runs through town. The centre hosts a variety of government and business offices, restaurants, museums, and almost anything else you can think of. At the south end of Midtbyen, you can find one of Norway's greatest treasures. Nidarosdomen, the northernmost cathedral in the world, is located only a ten minute walk from the conference hotel, close to the river bank. The exterior is about as impressive as its interior, and is at the very least worth a walk-by.

For more information about Trondheim and all it has to offer, go to Visit Trondheim's web page.

About Rockheim

The conference dinner will be served in Rockheim's restaurant, which is catered by chefs from one of Trondheim's top hotels. From the restaurant we'll have an excellent view of the fjord, and if we're lucky we might be able to see the sunset.

Rockheim is Norway's national museum for pop music. It conserves and presents Norwegian pop music from the 1950s until today (yes, a-ha is of course included!). Besides its many interesting exhibitions, the museum building itself has already become a Trondheim landmark, with its large, cube-shaped exterior lighting up the cityscape. The museum is located in the harbour areas, which is one of the city's new favourite spots for setting up new and old businesses. Due to recent infrastructural improvements, the museum is only a short walk or bus ride away from the city centre.

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