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Menno Witter, NTNU

Christin Berndtsson, NTNU

Business address:
Medisinsk teknisk forskningssenter (MTFS)
Det medisinske fakultet
Olav Kyrres gt. 9

Postal address:
Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience
PO Box 8905
NTNU, Faculty of Medicine DMF
7491 Trondheim



The 6th annual NRSN PhD conference is open for registration! 

A perfect oppertunity to meet neuroscience students from all over Norway! 

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NRSN Newsletter

Our newsletter is our main information channel. Here we announce courses, workshops, and grants available for our members and their supervisors. The newsletter is intended PhD supervisors, group leaders and course organizers in neuroscience.

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Additional funding for NRSN international training grants!

NRSN now offers international training grants of up to 40 000NOK for courses and short training stays abroad! 
More information and apply here! 

Scientific Writing Workshop 2018

The next scientific writing workshop will be held on 1.-3. of October at beautiful Soria Moria hotell outside of Oslo!

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NRSN joined NENS

FENS training available for NRSN members