Practical information

– 5th National PhD Conference in Neuroscience

The conference takes place at Conference Hotel Sommarøy on 20-22 September 2017.

Please read the instructions below carefully before you make your travel arrangements. If you fail to follow these instructions, you will have to carry the cost of re-booking your ticket.

Please try to stay within the limit of 2000 NOK for a roundtrip and check if you are eligible for a youth ticket (SAS discount for students below 26 years old) to keep costs low. Book your flights early! 

In case you cannot find flights in line with the NRSN guidelines please contact the NRSN coordinator.

Travel arrangements

Suggested flights to Tromsø on 20 September 2017

Please make sure that your flight is scheduled to arrive at Tromsø no later than 13:30. 

Flights from Trondheim
09:05 – 11:10 (SAS)
11:10 – 13:15 (SAS)

Flights from Oslo
10:25 – 12:15 (SAS)
11:35 – 13:25 (SAS)

Flights from Bergen
09:00 – 13:15 (SAS)
09:20 – 13:25 (SAS)
10:00 - 13:15 (Widerøe/SAS)


Suggested flights from Tromsø on 22 September 2017

Please make sure your flight is scheduled to departs at 16:30 the earliest. 

Flights to Trondheim
16:30 – 18:40 (SAS)
19:45 – 21:55 (SAS)

Flights to Oslo
17:00 – 18:55 (Norwegian)
17:05 – 18:55 (SAS)
18:45 – 20:35 (SAS)

Flights to Bergen
17:00 - 22:00 (Norwegian)
17:40 – 20:05 (Widerøe)
18:45 – 22:40 (SAS)



The conference venue is at Conference Hotel Sommarøy. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms (with separate beds), and together with their preferred room-mate as far as possible if a preference was indicated in the registration form. The accommodation costs are covered directly by NRSN.


NRSN will cover all meals during your stay at Conference Hotel Sommarøy. If you have any food allergies or other dietary requests, please make sure to describe these in the registration form. We will then adapt your menu accordingly.


Please contact the NRSN coordinator Tanja Doller 




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  • Essentials of Neurophysiology: from neurons to circuits to behaviours (5 ECTS)

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