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Normally, NRSN will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for all members who participate in our activities. Note that specific rules may apply for a given course or event. To be eligible for travel reimbursement, you have had to participate in a NRSN activity or have been granted a Travel and accommodation grant to take a PhD course in a Norwegian university.

Unless otherwise specified, participants are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation, and NRSN will reimburse the costs after the event. We recommend that everyone has their own travel insurance. 

The travel reimbursement is limited to 2000 NOK for the roundtrip, including public transportation (not taxi or private car) to and from the airport. 

NRSN will reimburse accommodation costs for up to 1200 NOK per day. Please note that NRSN are not able to reimburse Airbnb bookings. 

Remember to keep all original receipts, as you will be required to submit these along with your reimbursement claim. Please submit your travel reimbursement claim within 4 weeks after the event.

Please note that due to the corona outbreak, processing time for travel claims might be longer than usual. 

For NTNU employees only:                        

NTNU employees are obliged to use PagaWeb. You have to change the default account information. Click on 'Override accounts' and fill in the following information:

Ksted 650106

Project number 10400600


  • Travel and accommodation grant for national PhD courses: M58201
  • PhD conference: M58207
  • Summer school: M58206
  • Scientific Writing course: M58204
  • Entrepreneurship in healthcare camp M58216
  • Crash course in navigating your PhD or PostDoc M58216

For all other travels, please consult the NRSN administration for this last number.

Fill in the required fields, upload all relevant receipts, print and submit your claim.

IMPORTANT: After submitting your claim through Paga, you must upload a copy of the form, including the paga form id at the top. 

Please submit your travel claim using this upload form: 

 Upload form

For those who are employed outside NTNU / foreign bank account:

Those employed outside NTNU must fill in the standard travel reimbursement form in Norwegian or English. This needs to be uploaded together with copies of the original receipts as one single pdf.

If your bank connection is outside of Norway, please use this form. Please pay specific attention to the bank details.

Please submit your travel claim using this upload form: 

 Upload form

If the course you are attending has multiple meetings, please send one travel claim for each meeting. 

Mark your documents with "External travel claim - Name Surname".

If your bank connection is outside of Norway, please 

NOTE: We no longer accept printed forms or receipts, only electronic documents.

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