Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee


Comnmittee row 1

Massimo Busuoli

Massimo Busuoli. Photo.

Head of NTNU Brussels Office


Alexandra Angeletaki

Alexandra Angeletaki. Photo.

Senior Researcher, NTNU


Patrick Reurinck

Patrick Reurink. Photo.

Senior Adviser, Research NTNU


Committee row 2

Federica Rosetta

Federica Rosetta. Photo.

Vice President, Academic and Research Relations EU, Elsevier


Alexandru Marchis

Alexandru Marchis. Photo.

UnILiON Chair

Lesley Thompson

Lesley Thompson. Photo.

Vice President Academic and Government Relations, Elsevier

Communication team



  Communication Team

organizers row 2

Rachel Martin

Manager Information Industry Relations and Communications, Elsevier

Nikki Fullerton

Regional Marketer, Mature Europe, Elsevier

Paola Barr

Associate, Global Strategic Network, Elsevier

Carolina Apicella

External Collaborator on EU affairs at UCSC Liaison Office in Brussels

Thea Lurås Oftebro

NTNU Trainee, Globalisation and Sustainable Development

Nickolai Birkeland

NTNU Trainee, European studies

Synnøve Stølen

Master in European studies, NTNU

Emilie Faarup Storvik

Master in European Studies, NTNU

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