Breakout session 1

NTNU and SINTEF 6th annual European Strategy Summit

Location: Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Av. Louise 91, 1050 Brussels

Session 1 – day 1

Session 1 – day 1

European perspectives


Session Chairs: Siri Hunnes Blakstad, Executive Vice President, SINTEF Community, and Marianne Skjulhaug, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Welcome. Setting the stage, Siri Hunnes Blakstad and Marianne Skjulhaug

1. «Fit for 55 REPowered for buildings and cities», by Eero Ailio, Adviser to Director, DG Energy, European Commission

2. «The European Construction Technology Platform and the Built4People partnership», by Alain Zarli, Secretary General, ECTP

3. «Transforming the built environment: New European Bauhaus and KIC ICE», by Katrin Mögele, Senior Policy Adviser, Fraunhofer

4. «Climate Neutral Cities Mission», by Thomas Osdoba, Director, NetZeroCities platform (on video)

5. «Norwegian contributions to the challenges – experiences from RD&I» by Steinar Grynning, Senior Business Developer, SINTEF Community, and Inger Andresen, Professor, Department of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Panel discussion with presenters and Q&A from the audience.

Session 1 – day 2

Session 1 – day 2

Norwegian perspectives and contributions


Session Chairs: Siri Hunnes Blakstad and Marianne Skjulhaug

Welcome back

1. Presentations from the three Norwegian Mission Cities Oslo, Trondheim and Stavanger

2. «Mission possible - how to realise the untapped energy potential in the Norwegian building sector», by Morten Nordskag, Special Adviser, Politics and Communication, Norwegian Green Building Council

3. «Achieving the climate ambitions – how do we do it?», by Jo Mortensen, Executive Director, Technology, innovation and green business development, Skanska

4. Pitches from the participants: «How can Norway and our businesses contribute to achieve EU climate goals through European RD&I collaboration?»

Roundtable discussions.

Parallel session Energy

Energy savings and efficiency in the built society – delivering the twin transition

Cities and the built society play a major role in the transition Europe needs to become climate neutral by 2050 and to create the necessary speed for the imminent and urgent transition asked for in the REPowerEU strategy.

In these breakout sessions we will highlight the key role of the built society in achieving the ambitious targets set forth in the REPowerEU strategy. In the core of this sits energy savings, efficiency, and increased use of renewable energy. New and improved technologies and digitalization alone will not result in the needed change. Buildings and cities of the future also have to be attractive and good places for citizens to live in. They have to be sustainable, but they also have to be beautiful, and it is of the utmost importance that we do this development together! 

A large part of the transition connects to the cities, and this will be the overall entry point for these two sessions. Important questions we will ask are:

What is the role of the built society and cities in the transition and how can the untapped potential be realized? 

The cities and municipalities are not alone! How can the collected competence, innovative capacity, digitalization, technology, and creativity of the Norwegian Construction industry become a major player in the European market and help in the realization of the REPowerEU strategy together with the municipalities?