NTNU Test Satellite - NUTS

NUTS is NTNUs student satellite project. Through this CubeSat project, we aim to bring forth a double CubeSat through the work of master students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU. NTNU has a multidisciplinary profile, and we think that we can build all parts of the satellite in-house.


The NUTS student satellite project is organized and supported by Department for Electronics and Telecomunications (IET). Our aim is to design, build, test and launch a double CubeSat by 2014 (download mission statement). Most of the work is carried out by students from several departments and study programs, such as electronics, communications, space technology, physics, cybernetics, computer science, mechanics and more.

Our project is part of the The Norwegian Student Satellite Program at NAROM (Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education), together with CUBEstar at University of Oslo and HINCube at Narvik University College.

Please see our project site at http://nuts.cubesat.no

Contact information: Project manager Roger Birkeland, room C249 at the Electronics building at Gløshaugen. Email: roger.birkeland@iet.ntnu.no.

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Roger Birkeland