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MultiMode 8

– Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

The atomic force microscope MultiMode8 from Bruker AXS has for many years proven its high reliability and performance, with a compact and rigid mechanical design ensuring low noise (< 0.1 nm) and high resolution topography imaging.

The system is equipped with a PicoForce (PF) scanner for force spectroscopy, enabling accurate force measurements at the pico-Newton level. In addition to the traditional imaging modes, the system is upgraded with the new PeakForce tapping mode. It allows quantitative nanomechanical mapping of properties such as elastic modulus and adhesion, while simultaneously imaging the sample.

The MultiMode 8 standard setup

   Standard head, with laser class 2M, 1 mW maximum at 670 nm

Standard probe holder for most imaging applications in air and for torsional resonance mode

Optical microscope with 10x objecitve (Nikon) and a CCD color video camera (Sony)

Additional accessories

Probe holder (fluid cell) for most imaging applications in liquids

The PicoForce Control Module and the PicoAngler

PeakForce QNM technology

The PeakForce QNM standard sample kit for calibration and verification of modulus values


The J scanner: 125 um x 125 um (XY), vertical range 5 um

The E scanner: 10 um x 10 um (XY), vertical range 2.5 um

The PF scanner: 40 um x 40 um (XY), vertical range 20 um

  Controller electronics

NanoScope V Controller

AFM operation modes

  1. Contact mode
  2. Tapping mode
  3. Torsional resonance mode
  4. Lateral force measurements
  5. High-resolution nanolithography
  6. PeakForce tapping mode (ScanAsyst).
  7. Force mode: recording of force curves and force volume imaging
  8. Quantitative nanomechanical property mapping (PeakForce QNM)
  9. Electrical and magnetic lift modes

Software on the AFM computer

NanoScope software version 8.15r3 with the operation modes listed above.

Nanoscope Analysis version 1.40 for image processing and analysis.

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Technical support

Optical/confocal microscopy
Image analysis

Contact: Astrid Bjørkøy

Atomic force microscopy (MultiMode8)

Contact: Gjertrud Maurstad

Flow cytometry

Contact: Kristin Grendstad Sæterbø

The atomic force microscope MultiMode8. Photo: Irene Aspli